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CBCT IPR for PG students : IP401 Introduction to Intellectual Property

Offered in Autumn semesters:The TUIPR Cell designed an Inter disciplinary course in IPR for the PG students in the University in 2011 in Autumn Semester. Since then a significant number of students have shown interest for the course. This course has bee repeated with several novel and innovative features in 2012 and 2013.

CBCT IPR for PhD students : IP701 Internalising Intellectual Propety rights

Offered in Autumn semesters : A special IPR course for the PhD students was designed and offered in the autumn semester of 2013. This has opened a new dimension in our university system to facilitate a process for seamless integration, internalisation of IPR and good practices as the PhD students get initiated to their respective research topics. The students are being trained to conduct prior art searches, prepare patent landscapes and study patent documents so that they are able to better define their research problem and develop proper approaches to solving them “without rediscovering the wheel”.

CBCT IPR for UG students : IP201 Intellectual Property rights

Offered in Spring semesters : Encouraged by the positive responses received from the post graduate students in last two years, a CBCT IPR course is being introduced at the undergraduate level as an inter disciplinary course. This course will facilitate the young minds to appreciate IPR and its impact on innovation, trade, commerce and societal dynamics.

Course Outline

IP 401
IP 201
IP 701

Student Batches

2014-IP201-Spring-Semester     2014-IP401-Autumn-Semester   
2014-IP701-Autumn-Semester    2014-IP701-Spring-Semester   
2015 IP701-spring -Semester    2015-IP201-Spring -Semester   
2015-IP401-Autumn-Semester    2015-IP701-Autumn-Semester   
2016 IP701 Spring Semestef    2016-IP201-Spring-Semester   
2016-IP401-Autumn-Semester    2016-IP701-Autumn-Semester   
2017-IP201-Spring-Semester    2017-IP701-Spring-Semester   
2017-IP701 Autumn Semester    2018-IP701 Spring Semester   
2018-IP750 Autumn Semester   

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