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Tezpur University Intellectual Property Rights Cell

Appreciation from SERIFED Brain Storming on prospects of protecting indigenous Ginger varieties of Assam using tools of IPR National workshop on Capacity building for Enforcement and Adjudication of IPR National workshop on Capacity building for Enforcement and Adjudication of IPR IP Day 2022 IP Day 2022 Entrepreneurship Development Programme For Young Innovators at Nowgong College Conferring citation to TUIPR Cell for remarkable contribution in Authorosed User registration for GI Muga 2019 Special IPR workshop for school children 2018 National Symposium on Industry-Academia partnership 2018 Innovation Exhibition 2018 Innovation Exhibition 2018 Regional workshop on translational research and innovation 2018 Outreach programme at Gobindapur for Muga Cultivators 2019 Classes on IPR for Ph.D students Seminar by Ph.D students on IPR topics MoU with NRDC for commercialization of tecnologies

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Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry instituted the IPR Chair at Tezpur University in 2020. With the adoption of the National IPR Policy in the national fabric in 2016, various policies have been set forth for empowering more youth to get benefited from their innovations, generation of better employment opportunities based on execution and protection of intellectual outputs, and exploration of opportunities based on indigenous resources and traditions. In such a scenario, the TUIPR Cell along with the firm support from DPIIT IPR Chair, is working hard for opening doors for IP based research which shall not only set the stage for the next level of opportunities from this region, but also record the contribution of our University towards this national movement. Consistent efforts of this Chair are not only directed towards securing the IPRs of the University fraternity, but also to cater greater demand for IPR empowered academician and professionals across the country.

Presently, Tezpur University has appointed Prof. Pritam Deb as the IPR Chair.