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Activity 2015-2016

IP Workshop in NEHU Campus in Tura on 29 Feb, 2016

A one day outreach programme on Facilitation of Innovation and Commercialisation by Intellectual Property Rights was conducted in the Tura Campus of North Eastern Hill University (NEHU) on 29th February, 2016. Eighty eight (88) participants from various departments attended this workshop. Aim of this workshop was to enhance awareness of Intellectual Property Rights within the NEHU fraternity. Vice-Chancellor, Prof S.K. Srivastava in his inaugural address complemented the Department of English, NEHU and the Tezpur University IPR Cell for this initiative. It was emphasised that all faculty members and students must get themselves familiarised with the concepts of IPR and how it can effectively be used in their academic pursuits.

Patent Search and Analysis Workshop on 21 Nov 2015

After success of the first workshop on Patent Search and Analysis in 2014, second workshop on 21st November, 2015 was conducted in the Tezpur University Campus to provide hands-on training to the university researchers on patent search and analysis. The venue, i.e. Council Hall, was made fully Wi-Fi so that the 152 participants could use their laptops for on-line searches. Shri. Yaswant Dev Panwar, Scientist E and Head PFC, TIFAC,and Prof. P. Ganguli, MHRD IPR Chair, conducted the hands-on training sessions. The workshop feedback which was collected on-line was very positive and researchers have recommended such training to be an on-going activity.

Colloquium on World IP Day celebration on 26 April, 2015

World IP Day, 2015 was celebrated in the Campus with a Quiz programme on IPR with a theme “Get up, stand up for music” on 26th of April. Students from various departments in the university took part in this programme. Twenty-two teams were formed for the intense quiz sessions. Mr. Asutosh Das the veteran student quiz master in Tezpur Campus conducted the in two phases in his own inimitable style. 26 April, 2015 being Sunday, the celebrations continued on 29th of April (Tuesday) which incidentally coincided with visit of the European Union delegation to Tezpur University. A special talk on Intellectual Property was delivered by the Head of the European Union delegation, Mr. Denis Dambois. The celebrations concluded with prize distribution to the winners of the IP Day Quiz. Some of the potential users (GI applicants) from remote Laluk (Lakhimpur District, Assam) were invited to the university to showcase their products before the EU delegation in the exhibition-cum-sale.

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