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Activity 2012-2013

IPR Workshop for Young Researchers : 8th August, 2012

A one day workshop on the role of IPR in promoting innovations was conducted in Tezpur University on 8 August, 2012. The target group was the young researchers in the university. The interactive sessions coupled with live demonstrations highlighted the importance of literature search including patent search and analysis as key inputs in the designing of research projects. The sessions also illustrated approaches for assessment and protection of innovations using the diverse tools of IPR such as Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Industrial Design Registrations, Geographical Indications. Some aspects of Trade Secrets were also discussed. Thirty Five faculty members, PhD Scholars and post graduate students participated in the workshop. The role of the Tezpur University IPR Cell in the facilitation of the entire IPR process in innovations was also presented. The session was conducted by Professor Prabuddha Ganguli, MHRD IPR Chair Professor, Tezpur Univeristy.

Outreach programme in Tripura : 10th August, 2012

The programme was organised jointly by NIT Agartala, TUIPR Cell and DST-TIFAC on 10th August, 2012. In addition to general IPR awareness, this workshop addressed key issues related to Institutional IPR Drafting. The workshop also generated a lot of interest in approaches to commercialisation of University R&emp;D results. Seventy students and faculty members participated from the engineering institute in this programme. Prof. P. Ganguli and Prof. D. C. Barua of TUIPR Cell participated as resource persons

Training on Copyright &emp; Trademark for Police Officials, Judicial Officers and Prosecutors : 8-9th November, 2012

As per the request of the Copyright Enforcement Advisory Council (CEAC), a one and half day training programme on trademark and copyright issues was conducted on 8-9 November, 2012 for 54 Police Officials/Judicial Officers and Prosecutors from various States of the North Eastern Region. IPR Experts from Kolkata and Mumbai were invited as faculty for this practical training session. The thrust areas were IPR Laws and their enforcement.

Mr. J. N. Choudhury, then Director General of Police, Assam and Justice H. Roy, Honourable Judge of the Guwahati High Court delivered the inaugural addresses. They emphasised that the need of the hour is to create appropriate laws and enforce them effectively to ensure delivery of equitable and timely justice. Over 30 students from the National Law School, Guwahati also attended this programme as part of their training

Symposium on “Recent research developments and role of IPR”: 21st December, 2012

MHRD IPR Chair, Tezpur University and ASTEC in collaboration with the Department of Physics, Tezpur University organised a symposium on December 21, 2012. The symposium highlighted the importance of IPR in the world of scientific research. Dr R. K. Barman, of Assam Science, Technology and Environment Council (ASTEC), highlighted the importance of IPR in R&emp;D with special reference to physics.

Forty Six faculty members, researchers and students participated in the symposium which has paper and poster presentations in various research areas.

Training for the grassroots women innovators of North- East India: 31st January, 2013

Empowerment of women, involved in creative and entrepreneurial ventures in the North East Region is of immense significance. Several independent self-help groups are active in the North East Region. The nurturing and sustenance of such commercial ventures in the region now demand strategic approaches to their creations, enhancing their exposure to markets, and value addition through Intellectual Property Rights. An interactive training programme was conducted with this aim for the grassroots women innovators of the region. The objective of the workshop was to create cooperative frameworks for the protection of the indigenous creations and innovations involving products and processes to maximize their economic value using the appropriate tools of IPR. Forty- nine grassroots innovators and NOGs participated in the programme. Renowned grassroots innovator and NASA award winner from Assam Mr Uddhab Bharali shared his experiences of various innovations using impressive audio-visuals. Professor P. Ganguli and Prof. S. K. Kakoty, RuTAG-NE Centre, IIT Guwahati were resource persons in this training programme.

IP awareness programme in the field of Electronics and Information Technology : 18-19th March, 2013

The Institution of Engineers (India), Assam State Centre, Guwahati and Tezpur University jointly organized a two day ‘Regional Workshop on IPR Awareness in E &emp; IT in the North East Region’ on 18-19 March, 2013 at the IEI, Assam State Centre, Guwahati. The aim of this workshop was to create awareness and develop insights in areas related to the creation, ownership and protection of Intellectual Property in E &emp; IT. The workshop was attended by 54 participants from Software Industry, Academia, Judiciary and Police. Seven eminent experts from industry, CDAC, as well as IP Attorneys participated as resource persons in the workshop. The workshop was partially funded by Department of Electronics &emp; Information Technology (DeitY), Government of India

Outreach programme at Tripura University : 21st March, 2013

In collaboration with Equal Opportunity Cell, Tripura University, a one day workshop titled “Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Promoting Innovation &emp; Research” and “Literature Search, Including Patent Analysis for Systematic R&emp;D” was organized on 21st March, 2013, by TUIPR Cell. Professor P. Ganguli and Dr P. Deb were the resource persons for this workshop

The programme not only addressed the role of IPR protection but also acted as a platform to discuss importance of institutional IPR Policy in an academic institution. Online patent searches were also demonstrated to the researchers and the importance of patent analysis was illustrated with diverse examples. The workshop was attended by seventy five faculty members, researchers and students of the university representing various schools and departments.

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