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Activity 2016-2017

Colloquium on World IP Day celebration on 26 April, 2016

The 16th World Intellectual Property Day was celebrated in the Tezpur University Campus on 26th of April, 2016. The theme of this year’s celebrations as declared by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) was "Digital Creativity: Culture Reimagined". This annual event in the campus was aimed at enhancing IPR Awareness and encouraging the University fraternity to involve themselves in creative activities for betterment of our world. The celebrations included IP Day Quiz, IP Day Talk, Best Innovative Idea Competition and Best Slogan Writing Competition. The Best Innovative Idea Competition and Best Slogan Writing Competition were conducted for the first time in the Campus. The IP day Talk was delivered by Professor Dhruba Kumar Bhattacharya, Dean Academics, Tezpur University, who enlightened the audience with a very informative and interesting talk on “Internet Security”.

Patent Search and Analysis workshop on 25th February, 2017

The IPR Cell, Tezpur University, organised a Patent Search and Analysis Workshop for faculty/researchers to familiarise and train them on search of patent databases and also to initiate patent analysis so that the researchers can develop a base-level competence to conduct patent searches, analyse the patents for their technical content, prepare technical landscapes and design meaningful research proposals and approaches to their research prior to embarking on their research path. The workshop on February 25, 2017. This was done to ensure better quality of research in Tezpur University, enhance the possibility of patentable output and improve the prospects of commercialisation of the output of researchers from Tezpur University. During this program, each participant with their laptop computers did hands-on experience on accessing and manipulating various free databases such as the USPTO, EPO, SIPO (Chinese), Indian Patent Office, WIPO (for PCT Publications). The participants were exposed to the power of these databases and how they could search and access patents in a targeted manner.

Geographical Indications (GI) Camp at Dhakuakhana on 30th April, 2017

The Tezpur University Intellectual Property Rights (TUIPR) Cell initiated a project to identify the key reasons for such low number of authorised users of GI Muga Silk of Assam in the State and initiate immediate corrective measures at the grassroots level and across the MUGA Value Chain. Targeted field work in the Muga Hub in North Assam helped to identify the critical factors that needed to be addressed. Low awareness of the benefits of GI, uncontrolled quality of MUGA production, insignificant marketing infrastructure, non-existence of a regulatory framework for enforcement of GI, lack of technology infusion for enhancement of productivity and quality including insignificant organisational support were some of key weaknesses identified. The follow-up activities of the TUIPR Cell in the MUGA Hub in North Assam finally culminated in a major GI Camp with the MUGA Stakeholders in the Lakhimpur Region. These efforts formed the basis of the GI Camp on April 30, 2016 organised by the TUIPR Cell jointly with IPR Cell of Dibrugarh University and ASTEC (the owners of GI Muga Silk of Assam) at the Dhakuakhana College, Lakhimpur. More than 200 MUGA Stake Holders from 12 villages of Lakhimpur District across the MUGA Value Chain, including students and faculty of Dhakuakhana College and prominent local personalities actively participated in this GI Camp. This Camp therefore established a new trend of how “train the trainers” sessions at the grassroots level can lead to a chain reaction for facilitation of such processes in the village clusters. The new applicants were appreciative of this gesture by their village peers and are now motivated play their role in the promotion of the GI movement in their villages.

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