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Activity 2013-2014

World IP Day Celebration : 26th April, 2013

The theme “Creativity: the next generation” of the World IP Day was celebrated in the University with a colloquium organised by the TUIPR Cell on 26th April, 2013. Mr Uddhav Bharali the well-known award winning grassroots innovator delivered a talk on how innovations at the grassroots level are made, protected and commercialised. This was followed by a QUIZ Session in which 30 groups participated. Three teams were awarded prizes after a well contested QUIZ. A special “audience prize” was also given. Attractive IP day T-shirts were given to the participating teams. This event generated a lot of excitement on IPR in the campus.

Outreach programme at Dibrugarh University : 9th May, 2013

TUIPR Cell in collaboration with IPR Cell, Dibrugarh University conducted a one day workshop entitled “Role of IPR in Enhancing Creativity, Innovation and Commercialisation” at Dibrugarh University on 9th of May, 2013. Professor Ganguli, Dr Suchibrata Goswami, Ms Juri B. Saikia and Dr Pritam Deb participated as resource persons and presented various aspects of IPR with illustrative examples on how IPR promotes innovations and their commercialisation. A special presentation on Institutional IPR Policy was made with the aim of helping Dibrugarh University set up its IPR Policy and an operational framework for institutional management of IPR in the University. Seventy one participants from Dibrugarh University and affiliated colleges took part in this workshop.

Outreach Programme at Silchar : 27 and 28th, November, 2013.

A regional workshop on “Role of IPR on Innovation in Electronics, Communication, Computing Devices” was organised at Silchar on 27 and 28, November, 2013. The outreach programme, aimed at spreading IPR consciousness among the working professionals and students in the field of Electronics and Communication, was conducted by TUIPR Cell, in collaboration with Institution of Engineers, Local Centre, Silchar and DietY, GOI. The programme was inaugurated by the President of Institutions of Engineers, General Manager of BSNL, Silchar, Director, NIT, Silchar and Additional Director, DietY, GOI and Professor Prabuddha Ganguli.

Training programme on "Traditional Knowledge, Socio-Economic Development and Intellectual Property Rights", 10-11 February, 2014

TUIPR Cell organized a two day training programme on “Traditional Knowledge, Socio-Economic Development and Intellectual Property Rights” in collaboration with the Department of Cultural Studies, Tezpur University. This event brought together practitioners of diverse cultural practices from the region and exposed them to facets of IPR (mainly copyright and geographical indications). Representatives of Assam Science and Technology Council (ASTEC) also participated in this programme. A case study on Muga Silk [Geographical Indication] based on the recent work carried out by the TUIPR Cell in collaboration with ASTEC was presented by students of Tezpur University. Through interactive sessions, the programme illustrated how IPR can add value to their existing activities and how they can interface with professionals and academics to simultaneously propagate and preserve their rich heritage. The programme also gave the academic community an opportunity to come face to face with these practitioners and learn about their traditional systems. This has opened up a new avenue for the academic world to design interactive and dynamic systems and implement collaborative programmes with communities of traditional knowledge systems.

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