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Activity 2021-2022

One Day Workshop on The Role of IPR in Supporting and Empowering Women Innovators on 12th September 2022

Entrepreneurship has gathered momentum over time and many women entrepreneurs have also joined the fray. Especially indigenous knowledge and traditional life experiences are brought within the ambit of innovative ideas for entrepreneurs. A one-day workshop was organized on the topic ‘The Role of IPR in Supporting and Empowering Women Innovators’ and innovation exhibition by the IQAC, M.D.K.G. College, Dibrugarh in collaboration with DPIIT IPR Chair, Tezpur University. This unique programme has encouraged people to search for employment opportunities on their own and provide employment for others but has also instilled confidence to further move forward in this positive initiative. More than 50 participants were present in this fruitful event

Week- long Online International Workshop On “Intellectual Property Rights for the Promotion and Protection of Innovations” from May 16-21, 2022

With the view of creating awareness on the importance of IPR to the masses, Gargaon College in collaboration with DPIIT-IPR Chair, Tezpur University and Intellectual Property Engagement Group (IPEG), The City Law School, City, University of London organized an International Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights from 16th to 21st May, 2022. The six-day workshop covered various aspects of IPR like Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, etc. The participants of the program included Faculties, Research Scholars, Students and Grass Root Innovators.

IP Day 2022 on 26th April, 2022

Every year on April 26, World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated to learn about the role that intellectual property (IP) rights play in encouraging innovation and creativity. The theme of Intellectual Property Day of this year was “IP and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future” and celebrated the youth-led innovation and creativity. DPIIT IPR Chair in collaboration with World International Property Organization (WIPO) celebrated this day in blended mode in Tezpur University campus with an array of events that included the IP Quiz that had 18 teams as participants. IP Day Slogan writing competition was also conducted to encourage the creative capabilities among the students. Another event that saw overwhelming participation was the Innovative Idea Competition that called for submission of Innovative Ideas from students. The event showed promise to solve some highlighted problems in society. More than 41 participants joined the event.

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