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Activity 2019-20

IPR workshop for the Muga weavers and cultivators

A workshop was conducted at Harhi College on 24 the October, 2019 on ‘Effective use of Geographical Indication and Trademark in the market for handloom industry’. This workshop was the culminating workshop in the series of the earlier two IPR workshops held in and around the Muga Cultivation Hub of Assam, i.e. Lakhimpur. These workshops were meant for empowering the Muga Cultivators to face competitive market forces with renewed confidence by using various IPR tools. This time, going a step ahead, the workshop was organised jointly with the MSMEDi Guwahati to acquaint the cultivators and weavers about various Govt. schemes to help them grow and establish as independent entrepreneurs. The workshop was also supported by GI Registry Chennai for its effort to bring this unorganised sector and the workers into a more organised form. The participants, mostly the Muga weavers and cultivators from Gobindapur-Dhokuakhana areas, applauded the persistent efforts put in by the TUIPR Cell to make the intellectual property of the community... Muga silk ...unadulterated entity in the market and increase the visibility for the interested buyers across the country and beyond.

Officials from MSMEDi Guwahati and TUIPR Cell, Tezpur University participated in the workshop as resource persons. These IPR workshops have resulted in more than 300 Authorised Users for the GI- Muga Silk so far. The authorised users from Assam are now empowered to certify Muga Silk’s purity and authenticity by using the GI mark and logo on the finished products. Chief Guest of the programme, the SDO, Gobindapur, applauded the initiative of the TUIPR Cell to reach out and support the grassroot people. In his concluding remarks he reiterated the need to protect the intellectual properties associated with the traditional goods.

IP Day 2019

Intellectual Property Day was celebrated in Tezpur University on April 26 under the flagship of TUIPR Cell with an array of programmes that were meant to focus on encouraging innovation and creativity. This year the theme of the celebrations was centred around “Reach for Gold: IP and Sports”. Together with the annual IP competitions like quiz, best innovative idea competition and slogan writing competition, the IP Day was celebrated with an IP lecture series where deliberations were held on the latest innovations in various fields from the invited speakers. Deliberations from experienced industry executives like Asian Paints, Playin App Technologies limited, Panacea Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and officials from institutions like Guwahati Medical College & Hospital, highlighted on how some of the home grown technologies are finding acceptability and making their way not only in the Indian market replacing highly competitive MNC products, but are also being exported to other countries. One of the heart-warming examples was discussed after the presentation on physics of applying radiation therapy to cancer patients, which was on indigenous technologies developed in the form of “Bhabhatron -II” which is a Cobalt Therapy Machine made by BARC in collaboration with Board of Radiation and Isotope Technology & SAMEER and licensed to Panacea Medical Technologies, which shall replace the earlier imported Radiation Therapy Machines for treating Cancer Patients in many Govt. Hospitals due to its precision and effectiveness. This is believed to bring down the price of the treatment of cancer patients as these are manufactured with less than one-tenth of the price of the imported machine. Similarly, the evolution of the Asian Paints from manufacturing mere exterior paints to creating paints that are weather proof, purifies indoor air, kills bacteria etc. took the participants through an interesting journey of self-evolution fuelled by the zeal to remain market leaders. During the interactive sessions, the participants realized that remaining articulated and self-motivated is key to innovate constantly. One presentation on the perspective towards Sports and Robotics at Tezpur University by one of the inhouse faculty member showcased the AI capabilities of the University to the invited guests and the participants. Another presentation that was dedicated to the theme of the celebrations was from the app developer enterprise, Playin App Technologies, which showcased an integrated platform to connect all the sports related services and utilities through one mobile based application.

120 students from University and nearby colleges/institutes participated in the same.

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