Sponsored Projects

Ongoing :

Principal Investigator
Title of the Project
Funding Agency
Amount (in INR)
Prof. A. KumarElectrical and Thermal Transort in Conducting Polymer nanostructures2011-2015UGC-DAE-CSR-Indore7.5 lakhs
Prof. A. Kumar

Development of biologically functionalized conducting polymer nanostructures for biosensing applications.2013-2016
DAE-BRNS24.7 lakhs
Prof. N.S. Bhattacharyya

Microwave Technology based Tea Processing Systems for NE States2013-2016
55.3 lakhs
Prof. N.S. Bhattacharyya

Studies of ferromagnetic resonance in spinel ferrite & garnets for high power circulators.2014-2017DAE-BRNS32.377 lakhs
Prof. N. Das
Study of the role of collisions and their effect on instabilities in high density laser-plasma interactions as well as low-density plasma transport.2012-2015DAE-BRNS24.532 lakhs
Prof. N. Das
A Study of the dynamics of dust particles in strongly coupled plasma.2013-2016UGC9.658 lakhs
Dr. G.A. AhmedInvestigation of photocatalytic response of TiO2 nanostructures under doping and irradiation for practical applications.2013-2016UGC13.978 lakhs
Dr. D. Mohanta

Effect of ion irradiation on nanostructured transition metal dichalcogenide system.2014-2017IUAC
6.5 lakhs
Dr. P. Deb

Study on the controlled self-assembly of magnetic nanostructures using neutron scattering2013-2016UGC-DAE7.67 lakhs
Dr. P. DebDevelopment of nanomaterial based dual mode contrast agent and their surface mediated conjugation study from first principles2013-2016DBT122.25 lakhs
Dr. P.K. Karmakar
A plasma-based study of solar equilibrium structure and fluctuation dynamics.2012-2015DST-SERB12.48 lakhs
Dr. M.K. Das

Studies on FL and xF3 structure functions of hadrons in lepton-nucleus scattering and related nuclear effects.
2012-2015DAE- BRNS16.31 lakhs
Dr. M.K. DasStudy on neutrino masses and mixing in context of recent neutrino oscillation data.2013-2016UGC10.508 lakhs
Dr. A. Pathak
Theoretical spectroscopic studies of polycyclic aromatic
hydrocarbon molecules and astrophysical implications
2013-2016DST13.20 lakhs
Dr. A. Pathak
DST–JSPS International Science & Technology Cooperation Grant
DST, New Delhi.
9.16 lakhs
Dr. P. Nath
Design consideration of SERS substrate for getting extremely enhanced Raman signal.
2013-2016DST-SERB27.24 lakhs
Dr. R. Biswas

Ambient noise assisted microzonation of Tezpur , Northeast India with simultaneous multiwave shear wave analysis2014-2017MoES
New Delhi
10.68 lakhs
Dr. Arup J. Choudhury
Surface functionalization of Muga silk using atmospheric dielectric barrier discharge for biomedical applications.
2015-2018SERB, DST19.2 lakhs


Principal Investigator
Title of the Project
Funding Agency
Prof. A. ChoudhuryPreparation of quantum dot samples in polymer matrix and its application in photonic switching, single electron transistor & degenerate four wave matrix2000-2004ISRORs. 9.67 lakhs
Dr. A. KumarDevelopment of conducting polymer electrodes for all polymer redox super-capacitor2001-2004UGCRs. 5.57 lakhs
Dr. A. KumarDevelopment of phosphoric acid and molten (alkali) carbonate electrolytes based H2-O2 fuel cells2000-2002DST, New DelhiRs. 2.36 lakhs
Dr. A. KumarSwift heavy ion irradiation effects on ionic conduction in lithium based gel polymer electrolytes2002-2005UFUP Scheme, IUAC, New DelhiOne JRF + contingency Rs.45000/-
Dr. J. K. SarmaStudies on hadron structure functions2001-2004UGCRs. 3.18 lakhs
Dr. D. MohantaSHI induced nanoarray patterning for optoelectronic device applications2004-2007IUACOne JRF + contingency Rs.45000/-
Dr. A. KumarStudies of kinematic and crustal structure of Meghalaya \96 Assam \96 Arunachal region (89.50\9692.50. E., 250 \96 280 N2002-2008DST, New DelhiRs. 82.48 lakhs
Prof. A. ChoudhurySynthesis of Semiconductor Nanoparticles for Harnessing Magnetic and Optical Properties.2008-2010DSTRs. 23 lakhs
Dr. A. KumarDevelopment of Novel Composite Polymeric Insertion Electrodes and Investigation of Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation Effects on them for application in Rechargeable Lithium Batteries2006-2009UGCRs.5.237 lakhs
Dr. A. KumarSwift heavy ion irradiation effects on conducting polymer and polymer electrolyte nanocomposites for multifunctional applications2007-10IUACRs.3.33 lakhs
Dr. N.S. BhattacharyyaStudies of Spin-wave Instability in Ferrites for high power circulation2007-2010DAERs.38.12 lakhs
Dr. N. DasThe study of the charging of dust particles in plasma and dynamics of complex plasma2007-2010UGCRs.5.47 lakhs
Dr. G.A. AhmedLidar Development and Associated Scattering studies for \85\85\85constitutes2007-09DSTRs. 11.25 lakhs
Ng. K. FrancisNeutrino Masses & Mixing Angles in Neutrino Oscillation2007-09UGCRs.1 lakh
Dr. P.DebSynthesis and characterization of binary nanoparticles : A conjugate of magnetic nanoparticels and semiconductor quantum dots2007-10DAERs. 10 lakhs
Dr.D. MohantaDevelopment of ZnO nanorods for luminescent device applications2008-2011IUACRs. 3.33 lakhs
Dr.D. MohantaFluorescent nanocrystal induced ion channels biomolecular labeling applications (FAST-TRACK)2009-2012DSTRs. 20.4 lakhs
Dr. A. KumarDevelopment of conducting polymer based new composites for AC factor, chemical and biosensor applications2009-2012DSTRs. 37.5 lakhs(approx)
Prof. A. KumarEstimation of Crustal Deformation and Tropospheric Precipitable Water Vapour content in Northeastern India using GPS measurements.2009-2012MoESRs. 32.988 lakhs
Prof. A. Kumar

Effect of Swift heavy ion irradiation on electrical and thermal transport of conducting polymer nanostructures.2010-2013IUACRs. 3.63 lakhs
Prof. A. Kumar
Development of novel Polymer-silicate nanocomposite electrolytes for lithium ion rechargeable batteries.2011-2014
UGCRs. 12.85 lakhs
Prof. J. K. Sarma

Studies on hadron structure functions2001-2004UGC
Rs. 3.18 lakhs
Prof. J. K. Sarma
Studies on the relativistic and the dynamical spinning sphere models of the electron.2009-2012DAE-BRNSRs. 8.9 lakhs
Prof. J. K. Sarma
Studies on Gluon Distribution Function and Recombination of Partons
Rs. 5.99 lakhs
Dr. N.S. Bhattacharyya
Studies of Spin-wave Instability in Ferrites for high power circulation2007-2011DAERs. 41.75 lakhs
Prof. N. S. Bhattacharyya

Synthesis and development of broadband EMI shielding materials using magneto-dielectric-nanoparticles.
2010-2013DITRs. 80 lakhs (approx)
Dr. P.Deb
Synthesis and characterization of binary nanoparticles : A conjugate of magnetic nanoparticels and semiconductor quantum dots2007-10
Rs. 10 lakhs
Dr. D. Mohanta

Investigation of magneto viscous and magneto optics properties of novel ferrofluids.2010-2013UGCRs. 8.338 lakhs
Prof. A. Choudhury

Enhancement of luminescent quantum efficiency and
magnetic properties of functional nanomaterials and related
computational studies.
(Nano Mission)
Rs. 218.23 lakhs
Dr. D. Mohanta

Photonics properties of rare earth doped nanoscale semiconductors subjected to energetic ion irradiation.2011-2014IUACRs. 3.63 lakhs
Dr. P. Deb
Multifunctional hybrid nanosystem for molecular imaging applications.2009-2012DBT, Govt. of India
Rs. 363.09 lakhs
Dr. P.K. Karmakar

Investigations of a few random problems in solar wind plasma.2009-2010UGC
Dr. S.K. Das
Nanostructured graphitic carbon- metal oxide/metal sulfide composites for rechargeable lithium-ion and lithium-O2 batteries2013-2014UGC
6 lakhs

New collaborative research programs :

Indo-Romanian Joint Program of Co-operation between India and Romania. University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania and Tezpur University was selected from among all the Universities in India to carry out this international program of co-operation for the period 2007 to 2009. Prof. A. Choudhury and Dr. G.A. Ahmed, Department of Physics, Tezpur University represents this joint programme.

Research grants received from various agencies :

  1. IUAC, New Delhi
  2. DAE, New Delhi
  3. DST, New Delhi
  4. ISRO, Bangalore
  5. UGC, New Delhi
  6. DBT, New Delhi.

Faculty/scholars/officers participated in seminars/workshops/conferences :