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    Nobody is perfect. Every human being make mistake at some point of life, either knowingly or unknowingly. However, according to my believe "A genius is the one who does maximum number of mistakes and learn from each while fools do not".

    It is necessary to understand, assess and analyze those mistakes and take appropriate action not to repeat, which enable us to improve. I do not wish to fall in the category of fools. Therefore, need to figure out my mistakes and analyze it, re-analyze and improve.

    I am not a born "Teacher", however, wish to be a better one, a better human being. I hope you will help me to list out my mistakes to improve upon myself and eradicate my mistakes. Please analyze my teaching method critically, be ruthless to evaluate so that I get an opportunity to improve myself. This is an on-line "feedback" forum for you all, about my teaching, personality and accessibility. The feedback contents are entirely on me, my teaching method and for me.

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Meenakshi of Ph.D wrote:

    Feedback: required few more classes on computational programming . Overall the classes were good and interactive.
    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 8

Mayuri of PhD 1st Semester wrote:

    Feedback: the teaching pace was too fast especially the coding part.

    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 5

Madhurjya of 5th sem , Integrated Msc wrote:

    Feedback: Dear sir, the course is very beneficial for us as well as topic itself. But sir , it would be more helpful for us if you like to invest more time the last topics (specifically from Hermite polynomial to PDE) . Your presentation skills are very appreciable . We enjoyed the classes .
    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 8.7

Debasish of Integrated M.Sc 5th semester wrote:

    Feedback: Sir, your classes were really nice. You have taught many new things to us. Every one can do mathematics. But you have taught us how to extract the information from a mathematical equation. This is the part, which I enjoyed most during the classes. Just one thing that I feel you can improve is that you can spent some more time on integral transformation part, Since this part is new for any 5th semester student.
    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 9

Jitu of 5th sem wrote:

    Feedback: Your teaching method is very good and unique. We never get bored in your class. Most of the teachers make the subject boring,but your lectures are interesting and understandable. You are fluent in speaking english.
    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 10

Sita of M. Sc (3rd Sem.) wrote:

    Feedback: Dear sir, The way of your teaching is very good. There are certain things which i feel i must tell you. 1. Your guidance is really good. 2. Generally, i never find you on time. So just make it clear at what time your exactly going to come. 3. You hardly provide any information about the scientific works which are going on the fields around. We can get the information from internet but if you provide then i feel it will be much more effective. I really thankful to you for your guidance and help.
    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 7

Prankrishna of M.Sc. 3rd Semester wrote:

    Feedback: Initially, some hesitations were there. I feared of having an interaction with you. But till the end, we became so friendly that I can now ask you any stupid questions (related to phy). I like the way you clarify the concepts from the zero level. I am much thankful for your guidance and help. However sometimes I really feel the need of a lab room of your own.
    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 8

Pritam Jyoti of Advanced Analytic Technique wrote:

    Feedback: You have great dedication towards students. It was really fruitful learning from you in regular and extra classes. Your exam question pattern enable students for creative thinking, please keep the same standard. Personally I also got lot of help from you before appearing for PhD interview at IISc and am grateful for that too. On critical note if you stick to the class end-time it would be better.
    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 8

Sanat of M.Sc. wrote:

    Feedback: You are the greatest teacher I have ever encountered with. No one has explained basic things like you did in my entire student career till date. You are a source of inspiration for me. Your vast sea of knowledge has always benefited us in every possible way. The way of your teaching is a fascinating one and I always feel proud to be your student. Sometimes you had to go a little fast towards the end of the course but I am sure you will manage that in the near future. A suggestion: You can open a portal where you can upload your daily lectures/notes and even you can give assignments. For instance, you can visit this link. (You may have better options) Best wishes.
    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 9.8

Pritam Jyoti of Advanced Analytic Technique (2014!) wrote:

    Feedback: I appreciate your dedication towards teaching. Even though students do not score high in your exams your question patterns enable students for creative thinking and I wish you keep that standard. On a critical note it would be better if you stick to the class end time as often your class duration extends.
    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 8.5

Hritwik of Integrated Msc. 5th Sem wrote:

    Feedback: Sir, the presentation of the course Mathematical Physics-II was very appreciable throughout the session. It was good and there is a scope to understand the theories in depth. The only thing I felt is that after the midterm exam the course seemed a bit vast and few things could not be understood in depth as earlier, and the reason for this I think is that topics in the syllabus throughout the semester was not evenly covered. Apart from this classes were good.
    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 8.5

NABA of Msc. 3rd sem wrote:

    Feedback: I have attended your classes on CMP and statistical mechanics. I really enjoyed the statistical mechanics course . There are lot of good qualities like your knowledge , mathematical command on the subject is admirable. Since it is a feedback ,without sugarcoating further I want to tell you some of the things I would like you see you improve. 1 .At the beginning of the course if you are not satisfied with the background knowledge of students you tend to start from very basic level , though it is a good gesture on your part you lose a lot of time. Believe the students that they can manage this by themselves with some motivation . 2 .Secondly you end up giving lecture on a very different topic then you started with sometimes for the above reason . 3. Maintain a good pace , authority over the students and a smile on your face. 4. About the evaluation process , your questions are very different then most of teachers , students are not used to this kind of problem solving approach . It took me semester to realise that I better go to your exam with an approach to express myself then to worry about grads , I feel that others will also help with this approach . In the later semester I realise that you don't want some ready made ans in the name of problem solving so my request is to give them more time in exam . Basically give them permission to make mistakes and take your exams as a fun . They have more chance to do well if they take it lightly . Award them for there approach them the end result. 5. "Teaching is a area where you will do well if you pretend to care about students - (Sheldon Cooper from big bang theory ) . Some of the students may see you as their enemy and try to convince their friends , don't let that to happen . I don't know how can one possibly do that but with a smile you can go a long way . 6. Don't repeat everything you said in your class unless you want students to see the same thing in a different way . This will make students more attentive and it may sometimes break your flow of thinking as well . 7. Set clear goal what you want to achieve in one class , otherwise you get carried away by some question (sometimes stupid) from students. 8. one of the most admirable quality is your work ethics . Once I saw your notebook and realise this guy must work very hard to prepare or may be it was your notebook from your study days. I hope that you take my criticism constructively . Though I am pretending to be an expert on what I am taking about . I am not going to take anymore of your subjects (as it stands now), I wish you a very bright future P.S ( I have memble so much because I don't know how to write a feedback but I want you to do well) Cheers
    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 8

Sanjeeda Bharati of 2015 wrote:

    Feedback: Amazing teacher. You have always tried ti make aure that we lwarn things from the root level. This has helped me a lot in the long run although we did not finish the syllabis in time. You coming late to the class even after the class was postponed was just onething which i did not approve of.
    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 9.5

Rukaiya of PhD 1st semester wrote:

    Feedback: Respected Sir, I found your class very interesting. I can keep my mind active throughout the class. But It would have been better if we could have got more classes for computer class and practical session too...
    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 8

Pranjal of Int. Msc. VII semester wrote:

    Feedback: Sir, first of all, i would like to thank you for putting all the hard work for us. Almost all the topics were covered and we were provided the time to revise them(which was possible because of the painful extra classes) but sir, certain concepts still bounced over me. Those, according to me, were a bit tricky concepts and there was a communication gap between you and us. Otherwise, I found the course very useful and informative.
    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 8

Anonymous of wrote:

    Feedback: .
    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 10

OISHIK of M.SC-I wrote:

    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 10

Sonam of Integrated 5 Sem msc wrote:

    Feedback: I really learnt a lot in the course mathematical physics 2.Your in depth knowledge on the subject helped me to learn a lot which I was unaware of.
    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 9

Anonymous of wrote:

    Feedback: Respected Sir, through my point of view you are a very smart teacher.teacher should be like you in every manner like teaching style ,bolne ka tarika,samjhane ka tarika.sir aap ek ache teacher ke liye bilkul deserve karte h.BEST OF LUCK SIR
    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 10/10

Pallab Kumar of 2014-18 wrote:

    Feedback: Respected Sir, as a teacher you are really brilliant but I think you should try some new techniques for teaching. Make sure that as a teacher your aim must not to teach the brilliant students but also consider the average students. Students must enjoy learning. Theory must be linked with practical and above all believe that as engineering students you must first raise the question of 'WHY PHYSICS?'. I believe that you will introduce this new idea. At last thank you for being such a supportive teacher. Recently I visited an international conference to present a paper in IIT Ghy and here I could understand the importance of Physics in the research community. You just can't escape it.
    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 7


    Feedback: Currently I am studying at GURU GHASIDAS CENTRAL UNIVERSITY in mechanical engg. I have left TEZU after special round counciling of jossa2015 but one and half month I have taken your class as a civil engg. first year student.I found you as a most enthusiastic and energetic teacher having focus on student understanding.
    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 10

Dunasmita of 2012-17 wrote:

    Feedback: Thank you sir for providing me with a new perspective of understanding physics in the first place. Your dedication towards your profession is undoubtedly admirable. I kind of felt like you get annoyed very soon though, but perhaps that were only the questions. I am very much grateful for all of your condensed matter physics classes.
    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 8.5

Paranjyoti of B.Tech/Civil Engg./8th sem wrote:

    Feedback: Sir, I remember you taught us when we were in the 2nd semester. You are a teacher with great personality. I don't know whether you taught good or bad but I remember you gave all of us 95% attendance, which shows your kind heartness. One question, Do your father work/worked in the Department of Economics and Satistics under govt. of Assam? Keep teaching and make our students feel the real physics. It's a great and vast subject which you are involved in. If you can make the students actual human being with good knowledge of physics with great humanity then you are the real hero of Tezpur University. Always support the students both mentally and academically who have the talents in extra curricular activities besides studies. At last all the best for your future as a teacher and a good human being.
    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 9/10

Anonymous of wrote:

    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 9

Parashmoni of VIII semester wrote:

    Feedback: Hello, Sir! In the first place, I'm thankful for all your genuine endeavor to ensure our learning, from providing us materials to study to taking extra classes. I really liked your extra classes last semester, though I think it will be a little tiresome for us if you decide to take 3 extra classes per week. Assignments were also really helpful to establish our concepts. However, when the number of assignments was too many, we ended up searching the answers on the internet instead of doing it ourselves. Now, most importantly, your way of teaching is very clear to understand and the pace of teaching is good enough to go along with for me. Finally, I want to thank you once again for being our teacher.
    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: 8

Anonymous of wrote:

    Marks (out of 10) as instructor: