Department of Physics

Perspective Vision Plan 2016-2021

The country is gearing up towards it’s vision of becoming a developed country. For this goal to be achieved, the government of India has very seriously and sincerely taken ardent measures in every sphere where it has its presence and has left no stone unturned in seeking the secret to success. Be it education and research, manpower building, industrial development, employment generation, energy sector, etc., the government has started to infuse new concepts and ideas and trying to do away with archaic and defunct methods and systems. The physics community throughout the country in Universities and Institutions has also come under this retrospection and is currently trying to adapt to a more progressive and output oriented philosophy which is in pace with the current scenario of physics education and research in the world.

Taking into account all the hurdles that were overcame to reach the present status achieved by the Department of Physics through sincere perseverance and painstaking care since its inception in 1998, and finally being able to cherish the laurels coming out of this hard work and dedication, there is now no doubt that the Department has taken the right decisions along the way to get the correct shape and has truly achieved that level of experience and maturity which brings success just as it has been in the case of many excellent centers of learning and research across the globe. If the department can now visualize correctly and plan for further augmentation of infrastructure, facilities and get the right manpower, in the next five years, the Department will definitely excel further and might not only join the ranks of the top ten Departments of Physics across the country, but may become a destination for top academicians, researchers, innovators, students and industries from all over the world.

The Department of Physics envisages becoming a Center of Excellence in the next coming years. Firstly, this long term goal involves attracting the services of very bright and talented personalities who can over the years not only guide the department in excelling but also excel themselves in their own field of research. Their work culture will breed a genre of students who will be able to independently think and apply the acquired wisdom and excel in their own way. Secondly, the Department has to setup the milestones for acquisition of sophisticated equipment necessary for research. This long term goal can be achieved by regularly applying for support programs like SAP or FIST. Even collaboration with institutions within and outside the country may ensure funding for infrastructural development. Finally, it should be the long term goal of the Department to come up with it’s own independent building and premises with enough space so that students and researchers have a world class environment to work with the highest possible efficiency.

Some of the issues that require immediate attention as short term milestones are measures to be taken to fill in the existing vacant staff and faculty posts in the Department. Lack of adequate maintenance fund has always been a problem for the Department. A solution for this has to be immediately thought of. The requisite planning and necessary action has to be a short term milestone to achieving this. Temporary space has to be found for the ever increasing demand for research laboratories as fresh researchers keep joining the Department. This issue needs to be addressed urgently too.


Vision of the Department

To become a centre of excellence in pure and applied physics”

Utilize and extend advance research facilities to support quality teaching and basic research thereby helping the department to grow as a centre of excellence in Science and Technology.

Mission of the Department

To excel in quality teaching and research by attracting the best of minds and keep pace with contemporary research in terms of infrastructure and facilities.

Objectives of the Department

  • To produce quality students ready for teaching and research.
  • To develop and push forward other frontier areas of current research which includes Nanoscience, Astrophysics, High Energy Physics, Plasma physics, Photonics and Microwave technology.
  • To develop the essential infrastructure for high standards of research in the thrust area of Material Science.
  • To be a department of “Excellence” and be included in the top 10 physics departments of the country.
  • Milestones achieved since inception

    1998-1999 : Department was inaugurated by Professor Rajaramanna and the first batch of 18 students joined the M.Sc physics program manned by 5 faculty members and a couple of staff members. The department started in a temporary tin roofed housing with very limited facilities and space. The specializations offered by the department were in Material Science, Electronics and High Energy Physics.

    2004-2005 : Department starts M.Sc Nanoscience program and starts developing the teaching and research laboratories in the then new Academic Building –II. The faculty strength also increases accordingly to around 15 and large number of research scholars pursuing Ph.D program join the department.

    2010-2011 : Astrophysics is started of as a new specialization with the joining of appropriate faculty and support is offered by ISRO to aid this specialization.

    2014-2015 : One Chair Professor and one inspire faculty member joins the department. The department thoroughly revises the syllabi of all the programs. Photonics is added as a new specialization.