Department of Physics
    R & D Projects
  • Sl. No. Principal Investigator Title of the project Duration Funding Agency Amount
    1 Prof. A. Kumar SHI effects on graphene based conducting polymer nanocomposites for electrode applications. 2015-2018 IUAC 6.03 lakhs
    2 Prof. A. Kumar Development of grapheme based conducting polymer nanocomposites for electrochemical energy storage applications. 2016-2019 SERB-DST 50.10 lakhs
    3 Prof. A. Kumar Study of interactions of Ionic Liquid ions with unsaturated metal centers in Metal Organic Framework based polymer electrolyte nanocomposites incorporated with Ionic Liquids through Neutron Scattering and Raman Spectroscopy. 2018-2021 UGC-DAE-CSR 10.71 lakhs
    4 Prof. N.S. Bhattacharyya Microwave Technology based Tea Processing Systems for NE States. 2013-2018 SAMEER 55.3 lakhs
    5 Prof. N.S. Bhattacharyya Design and realization of light weight shields to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) at microwave ranges (C and X band) with different geometries for customized applications like anechoic chamber, as terminations and stealth for strategic device camouflaging. 2016-2019 DeitY 216.04 lakhs
    6 Prof. N.S. Bhattacharyya Miniaturized flexible planar antennas for body worn applications as health monitoring systems in L and S band using nano magneto-dielectric composite as substrate. 2017-2020 DST(nano- mission) 86.962 lakhs
    7 Dr. D. Mohanta Studies on bifunctional (wetting-dewetting and biophotonic colouration) properties of certain natural systems of biological origin. 2017-2020 DST, New Delhi 40 lakhs
    8 Dr. D. Mohanta Studies on photo-catalytic, photo-luminescence and mechanical properties of WS2/C-dot nano scale systems subjected to irradiation. 2017-2020 IUAC, New Delhi 6.75 lakhs
    9 Dr. Arup J. Choudhury Surface functionalization of Muga silk using atmospheric dielectric barrier discharge for biomedical applications. 2015-2018 SERB, DST 19.2 lakhs
    10 Dr. A. Pathak Dynamics of solar prominences and initiation of coronal mass ejections 2015-2018 ISRO 19.20 lakhs
    11 Dr. S.K. Das High performance ultracapacitors with graphene-based composite electrodes. 2015-2018 DST 28.4 lakhs
    12 Dr. P. Nath Smart phone based optical microscope for clinical applications. 2017-2020 ICMR, New Delhi 29.58 lakhs
    13 Dr. P. Nath Smartphone based instrumentation for water quality monitoring with reference to resource poor regions. 2017-19 BIRAC-SRISTI GYTI, 15 lakhs
    14 Dr. Ng. K. Francis Neutrino Mass Ordering Leptonic CP violation and Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry. 2016-2019 SERB-DST 6.17 lakhs
    15 Prof. A. Kumar(Co-ordinator) Departmental Project UGC-SAP-DRS-II 2016-2021 UGC 89.5 lakhs
    16 Prof. P. Deb (Co-ordinator) Departmental Project DST-FIST-II 2017-2022 DST 192.0 lakhs
    17 Dr. R. Gogoi A multiwavelength study of Active Galactic Nuclei and X-ray sources. 2017-2020 CSIR, New Delhi 9.32 lakhs
  • Sl. No. Principal Investigator Title of the project Duration Funding Agency Amount
    1 Prof. A. Choudhury Preparation of quantum dot samples in polymer matrix and its application in photonic switching, single electron transistor & degenerate four wave matrix 2000-2004 ISRO Rs. 9.67 lakhs
    2 Prof. A. Choudhury Synthesis of Semiconductor Nanoparticles for Harnessing Magnetic and Optical Properties. 2008-2010 DST Rs. 23 lakhs
    3 Prof. A. Choudhury Enhancement of luminescent quantum efficiency and magnetic properties of functional nanomaterials and related computational studies. 2011-2014 DST (Nano Mission) Rs. 218.23 lakhs
    4 Prof. A. Kumar Development of conducting polymer electrodes for all polymer redox super-capacitor 2001-2004 UGC Rs. 5.57 lakhs
    5 Prof. A. Kumar Development of phosphoric acid and molten (alkali) carbonate electrolytes based H2-O2 fuel cells 2000-2002 DST, New Delhi Rs. 2.36 lakhs
    6 Prof. A. Kumar Swift heavy ion irradiation effects on ionic conduction in lithium based gel polymer electrolytes 2002-2005 UFUP Scheme, IUAC, New Delhi One JRF + contingency Rs.45000/-
    7 Prof. A. Kumar Studies of kinematic and crustal structure of Meghalaya – Assam – Arunachal region (89.50–92.50. E., 250 – 280 N 2002-2008 DST, New Delhi Rs. 82.48 lakhs
    8 Prof. A. Kumar Development of Novel Composite Polymeric Insertion Electrodes and Investigation of Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation Effects on them for application in Rechargeable Lithium Batteries. 2006-2009 UGC Rs.5.237 lakhs
    9 Prof. A. Kumar Swift heavy ion irradiation effects on conducting polymer and polymer electrolyte nanocomposites for multifunctional applications. 2007-10 IUAC Rs.3.33 lakhs
    10 Prof. A. Kumar Development of conducting polymer based nanocomposites for actuator, chemical and biosensor applications. 2009-2012 DST 37.502 lakhs
    11 Prof. A. Kumar Estimation of Crustal Deformation and Tropospheric Precipitable Water Vapour content in Northeastern India using GPS measurements. 2009-2012 MoES 32.988 lakhs
    12 Prof. A. Kumar Effect of Swift heavy ion irradiation on electrical and thermal transport of conducting polymer nanostructures. 2010-2013 IUAC 3.63 lakhs
    13 Prof. A. Kumar Development of novel Polymer-silicate nanocomposite electrolytes for lithium ion rechargeable batteries. 2011-2014 UGC 12.85 lakhs
    14 Prof. A. Kumar Electrical and Thermal Transort in Conducting Polymer nanostructures. 2011-2015 UGC-DAE-CSR-Indore 7.5 lakhs
    15 Prof. A. Kumar Development of biologically functionalized conducting polymer nanostructures for biosensing applications. 2013-2016 DAE-BRNS 29 lakhs
    16 Prof. J. K. Sarma Studies on hadron structure functions. 2001-2004 UGC 3.18 lakhs
    17 Prof. J. K. Sarma Studies on the relativistic and the dynamical spinning sphere models of the electron. 2009-2012 DAE-BRNS 8.9 lakhs
    18 Prof. J. K. Sarma Studies on Gluon Distribution Function and Recombination of Partons. 2010-2013 UGC 5.99 lakhs
    19 Dr. N.S. Bhattacharyya Studies of Spin-wave Instability in Ferrites for high power circulation. 2007-2011 DAE 41.75 lakhs
    20 Prof. N. S. Bhattacharyya Synthesis and development of broadband EMI shielding materials using magneto-dielectric-nanoparticles. 2010-2013 DIT 80 lakhs (approx)
    21 Prof. N.S. Bhattacharyya Studies of ferromagnetic resonance in spinel ferrite & garnets for high power circulators. 2014-2017 DAE-BRNS 32.377 lakhs
    22 Dr. N. Das The study of the charging of dust particles in plasma and dynamics of complex plasma. 2007-2010 UGC 5.47 lakhs
    23 Prof. N. Das A Study of the dynamics of dust particles in strongly coupled plasma. 2013-2017 UGC 9.658 lakhs
    24 Prof. N. Das Study of the role of collisions and their effect on instabilities in high density laser-plasma interactions as well as low-density plasma transport. 2013-2017 DAE-BRNS 24.532 lakhs
    25 Dr. G.A. Ahmed Lidar Development and Associated Scattering studies for ………constitutes. 2007-09 DST 11.25 lakhs
    26 Dr G.A. Ahmed Fabrication of p-i-n photovoltaic devices hybridized with core-shell CdSe/TiO2 nanostructures for enhanced quantum efficiency 2014-2016 UGC-UKIERI 16.53 lakhs
    27 Dr. G.A. Ahmed Investigation of photocatalytic response of TiO2 nanostructures under doping and irradiation for practical applications. 2013-2017 UGC 13.978 lakhs
    28 Dr. G.A. Ahmed Space Science Promotion Scheme. 2010-recurring every year ISRO 2.85 lakhs recurring every year
    29 Dr. D. Mohanta SHI induced nanoarray patterning for optoelectronic device applications 2004-2007 IUAC One JRF + contingency Rs.45000/-
    30 Dr.D. Mohanta Development of ZnO nanorods for luminescent device applications 2008-2011 IUAC 3.33 lakhs
    31 Dr.D. Mohanta Fluorescent nanocrystal induced ion channels biomolecular labeling applications (FAST-TRACK) 2009-2012 DST 20.4 lakhs
    32 Dr. P.Deb Synthesis and characterization of binary nanoparticles : A conjugate of magnetic nanoparticels and semiconductor quantum dots 2007-13 DAE 10 lakhs
    33 Dr. D. Mohanta Investigation of magneto viscous and magneto optics properties of novel ferrofluids. 2010-2013 UGC 8.338 lakhs
    34 Dr. D. Mohanta Photonics properties of rare earth doped nanoscale semiconductors subjected to energetic ion irradiation. 2011-2014 IUAC 3.63 lakhs
    35 Dr. D. Mohanta Effect of ion irradiation on nanostructured transition metal dichalcogenide system. 2014-2017 IUAC, New Delhi 6.0 lakhs
    36 Dr. P. Deb Multifunctional hybrid nanosystem for molecular imaging applications. 2009-2012 DBT, Govt. of India 363.09 lakhs
    37 Dr. P. Deb Study on the controlled self-assembly of magnetic nanostructures using neutron scattering 2013-2016 UGC-DAE 7.67 lakhs
    38 Dr. P. Deb Development of nanomaterial based dual mode contrast agent and their surface mediated conjugation study from first principles 2013-2016 DBT 122.25 lakhs
    39 Ng. K. Francis Neutrino Masses & Mixing Angles in Neutrino Oscillation 2007-09 UGC 1 lakh
    40 Dr. P.K. Karmakar Investigations of a few random problems in solar wind plasma. 2009-2010 UGC 73,000/-
    41 Dr. P.K. Karmakar A plasma-based study of solar equilibrium structure and fluctuation dynamics. 2012-2015 DST-SERB 12.48 lakhs
    42 Dr. P. Nath Design consideration of SERS substrate for getting extremely enhanced Raman signal. 2013-2016 DST-SERB 27.24 lakhs
    43 Dr. M.K. Das Studies on FL and xF3 structure functions of hadrons in lepton-nucleus scattering and related nuclear effects. 2012-2015 DAE- BRNS 16.31 lakhs
    44 Dr. M.K. Das Study on neutrino masses and mixing in context of recent neutrino oscillation data. 2013-2017 UGC 10.508 lakhs
    45 Dr. A. Pathak Theoretical spectroscopic studies of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon molecules and astrophysical implications 2013-2016 DST 13.20 lakhs
    46 Dr. A. Pathak DST–JSPS International Science & Technology Cooperation Grant 2014-2016 DST, New Delhi. 9.16 lakhs
    47 Dr. S.K. Das Nanostructured graphitic carbon- metal oxide/metal sulfide composites for rechargeable lithium-ion and lithium-O2 batteries 2013-2014 UGC 6 lakhs
    48 Dr. R. Biswas Ambient noise assisted microzonation of Tezpur , Northeast India with simultaneous multiwave shear wave analysis. 2014-2017 MoES New Delhi 10.68 lakhs