Partha Pratim Sahu, PhD (Jadavpur University)

Room No.- 117
E-Mail: pps[AT]
Phone: 03712-275254

Areas: Optical Networks, Integrated Optic Devices, Spread Spectrum, Technology for Wireless Communication, Neuro- Engineering

Jiten Ch. Dutta, PhD (Jadavpur University)

Room No.- 117
E-Mail: jitend[AT]
Phone: 03712-275256

Area: Biosensors and Bioelectronics

Satyajib Bhattacharyya, PhD (University of Delhi)

Room No.- 310
E-Mail: sb[AT]
Phone: 03712-275255

Areas: Microstrip Antennas (MPA Substrates), Corrugated Feeds, Broadband Antennas

Santanu Sharma, PhD (Tezpur University)
Head of the Department

Room No.- 117
E-Mail: sss[AT]
Phone: 03712-275257

Areas: Bioelectronic Device, Semiconductor Devices, Power Electronics, Vehicular Electronics

Soumik Roy, PhD (Tezpur University)

Room No.- 219
E-Mail: xoumik[AT]
Phone: 03712-275258

Area: Electronics Design and Technology

Bhabesh Deka, PhD (IIT Guwahati)

Room No.- 110
E-Mail: bdeka[AT]
Phone: 03712-275262

Areas: Image Processing, Computer Vision, Machine/Deep Learning for Biomedical Signal and Image Analysis

Vijay Kumar Nath, PhD (IIT Guwahati)

Room No.- 112
E-Mail: vknath[AT]
Phone: 03712-275264

Areas: Image Processing, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Deep Learning

Nayan Moni Kakoty, PhD (Tezpur University)

Room No.- 116
E-Mail: nkakoty[AT]
Phone: 03712-275263/5275

Areas: Rehabilitation Robotics, Machine Learning, Bio-medical Signal Processing


Associate Professor

Deepika Hazarika, PhD (Tezpur University)

Room No.- 108
E-Mail: deepika[AT]
Phone: 03712-275261

Areas: Image and Video Processing

Ratul Kumar Baruah, PhD (IIT Guwahati)

Room No.- 118
E-Mail: ratulkr[AT]
Phone: 03712-275265

Areas: Nanoelectronics, Biosensors, Flexible Electronics


Assistant Professor

Riku Chutia, PhD (Tezpur University)

Room No.- 114
E-Mail: riku[AT]
Phone: 03712-275260

Areas: Instrumentation, Embedded System, ANN, Signal Processing

Biplob Mondal, PhD (Jadavpur University)

Room No.- 217
E-Mail: biplobm[AT]
Phone: 03712-275266

Areas: Microelectronics, MEMS based Sensors, Sensing Materials

Durlav Sonowal, PhD (Tezpur University)

Room No.- 111
E-Mail: dsn[AT]
Phone: 03712-275267

Areas: Instrumentation, Embedded System, ANN, Signal Processing

Ananya Bonjyotsna, PhD (Tezpur University)

Room No.- 115
E-Mail: ananyab[AT]
Phone: 03712-275269

Areas: Electronics Design and Technology

Priyanka Kakoty, PhD (Tezpur University)

Room No.- 113
E-Mail: priyankak[AT]
Phone: 03712-275253

Areas: Electronics Design and Technology

Rupam Goswami, PhD (NIT Silchar)

Room No.- 209
E-Mail: rupam21[AT];
Phone: 03712-275278

Areas: Simulation and Modeling of Semiconductor Devices

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Head of the Department

Prof. Santanu Sharma
Phone: 03712-275251, 03712-275257


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