Prof. Santanu Sharma

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Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering, School of Engineering,
Tezpur University,
Tezpur, 784 028, Assam
(L) +913712275257
(M) +918876342920

Brief Biodata


  • Ph. D. in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Tezpur University in 2010
  • M .Tech in Electronics Design and Technology, Tezpur University in 2000.
  • B.E. in Electrical Engineering, Jorhat Engineering College (Dibrugarh University) in 1998.

Areas of Specialization

  • Semiconductor and Bioelectronic devices
  • Power Electronics
  • Traction control in Electric vehicles


  • EL 439: Power Electronics
  • EL 439: Device Modeling and Simulation
  • EL 719: Fundamentals of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
  • EL542: Advanced Power Electronics
  • EC201: Electronic Devices

Patents (granted)

  1. Santanu Sarma, Barnalee Sarma, Riku Chutia & Partha Pratim Dutta; Patent Number 357468 "System for measuring and correction of alignment parameters camber and toe of wheel of a vehicle"

Journal Publications (recent)

  1. Sarma K C D, Sharma S, "A Method for Reduction of Off State Leakage Current in Symmetric DG JLT", Journal of Engg. Res. Express, (IoP publishing ), Vo1ume:1, issue-1, 2019.

  2. Sharma A, Sharma S., "Review of Power Electronics in Vehicle-to-Grid Systems", Journal of Energy Storage, Volume 21, 2019.

  3. Sharma S, Sarma K C D,"An Analytical Approach for Drain Current Modelling of A Symmetric Double Gate Junctionless Transistor", Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics, Volume 13, Number 9, 2018

  4. Hazarika C., Sarma D., Puzari P., Medhi T., Sharma S.,"Use of Cytochrome P450 enzyme isolated from Bacillus stretospericus sp. as recognition element in designing Schottky based ISFET Biosensor for hydrocarbon detection", IEEE Sensor Journal , Volume: 18, issue: 15, 2018

  5. Hazarika C., Sarma D., Neroula, S., Das, K, Medhi T., Sharma S., "Characterization of a Schottky ISFET as Hg-MOSFET and as Cytochrome P450-ENFET", International Journal of Electronics, Volume. 105, issue :11,2018

Conference Publications (recent)

  1. Hazarika C, Neroula S, Sharma S, "Long term drift observed in ISFET due to the penetration of H+ ions into the oxide layer", 8th International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence ,December 17-20, 2019, Tezpur University, Tezpur

  2. Neroula S, Hazarika C, Sharma S, "Dynamic estimation of the tire-road frictional coefficient(TRFC) for acceleration slip regulation in a lightweight electric vehicle", TENCON 2019 , 17-20 October, Kochi ,Kerala.

  3. Das K, Borah C K, Agarwal S, Barman P, Sharma S, "Road Load Model Analysis for Eco-Routing Navigation Systems in Electric Vehicles", IEEE 89th Vehicular Technology Conference , 28 April - 1 May 2019, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  4. Podder P, Das K, Neroula S, Barman P and Sharma S.,"Development of an Automated Setup for Dynamic Evaluation of DC Motor Characteristics", CALCON 2017: 2017 IEEE CALCUTTA CONFERENCE, Kolkata.

  5. Sharma S, Barman P, Pegu R,"Electronic Differential for Electric Vehicle with Single Wheel Reference", IEEE International Conference of power, dielectric and energy management, 9th JAN,2015. NERIST.Nirjuli.

Book Chapters (recent)

  1. Deka J, Sharma S, "Modeling a Nano Cylindrical MOSFET Considering Parabolic Potential Well Approximation", Advances in Communication and Computing, Springer Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 2015.

  2. Sarma K C D, Sharma S,"A Review on Evolution of MOSFET Technologies with Special Emphasis on Junctionless Transistor", Advanced Engineering Research and Applications ,2018.

  3. Neroula S and Sharma S,"Suspension Modeling and Its Importance in Automotive Industries for Implementation of Modern Vehicular Technologies"

Awards and Achievements

  1. Scholarship Awarded by Director of Technical Education during B.E.

  2. Best paper Award: "Suppression of Gate-Induced Drain Leakage in Bulk MOSFETs using a Non-Uniform Gate Oxide Thickness", International Conference on Emerging Trends in Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation & Computer Engineering (ETEICE), MAR, 2014, held at IRD, India, Raipur..

  3. Awarded 9th rank in SAE-India, EFFI-CYCLE 2013, held at Punjab University, Chandigarh