Department of Electronics and Communication Engg.

     Tezpur University





Corresponding Address:






Dept of Electronics and Communication Engineering,

Tezpur University, Napaam

Tezpur-784028, Assam


Mobile: 9435082501


Email: manab@tezu.ernet.in                        

Website: http://www.tezu.ernet.in


Home address:



Kamala Nagar,




Date of Birth:



                        Educational Qualification:

Sr No








Dibrugarh University /Jorhat Engg College, Assam

Electrical Engg


M Tech


IIT, Kharagpur

Instrumentation Engg




Gauhati University,Assam


Title-An Integrated PC based Tea Process Monitoring and Control System

                     Research contribution:


  • Tea Industry automation:

He is actively engaged in the field of Application of Electronics, Instrumentation and control in tea industry since he started his PhD work in 1994. His research outcomes generated concepts of innovations in Instrumentation and control for the benefit of tea industry of the country. The conventional quality monitoring concepts are envisioned by him with new horizon of electronic controls. As a result he could practically implement his designs on experimental basis in two tea estates viz Chinnamora Tea Estate, Jorhat, Assam and Noor-Bari Tea Estate, Tezpur Assam.


  • E-Nose development for tea tasting:

Recently his team developed an Electronic Nose (E-Nose) setup at Tezpur University indigenously which can classify and distinguish various tea flavours .This setup costs far less than a commercial E-Nose setup while the performance is fairly comparable with commercial systems. This is the first indigenously developed E-nose setup in the country as claimed by the team.

Significant contribution is reflected in his challenge to develop an E-Nose setup of comparable capacity to a commercially imported setup costing to the tune of USD 50,000. Apart from opening up a new area of electronic tea tasting, the researchers and students of this university and the region are motivated and exposed to this new and emerging technology by this setup.

A low cost portable Tea flavour detection system has been developed  using  PIC microcontroller based embedded system.


  • Tea colour matching:

Moreover a computerized colour matching technique for tea fermentation has also been developed and the trial run was successfully conducted at Noor-bari Tea Estate, Tezpur Assam.


  • Neuropathy Detection

A PC based  peripheral neuropathy detection technique has been developed using ANN, Fuzzy and Rough Set Theory which is going to be extended to a portable Neuropathy detection system using microcontroller.


                    Employment/Academic positions:







Name of the Organization


 Till date


 Pro-Vice Chancellor

 Tezpur University



1 yr 5 months

Head, Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship

Tezpur University



 3 yrs

Dean, School of Engineering

Tezpur University


 Till date

12 yrs

Professor ,Dept of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Tezpur University  



3 yrs

Head, Dept of Electronics and Comm. Engg.

Tezpur University



2 yrs

Dean, Students Welfare 

Tezpur University



2 yrs

Director (i/c)

Centre for Electronics Design and Technology (CEDTI),

Tezpur Centre,

Ministry of Information Technology, Govt. of India



3 yrs

Professor (i/c),

Central Library                     

Tezpur University



3 yrs


Department of Electronics,

Tezpur University




Asst. Professor & Head, Instrumentation branch

Department of Electrical Engg,

Jorhat Engg. College,

Jorhat, Assam





Lecturer, Electrical Engg

Department of Electrical Engg,

Jorhat Engg. College,

Jorhat, Assam



7 months

Asst Engineer(Electrical)

Meter & Relay Division, Assam State Electricity Board, Guwahati, Assam

                        Professional Affiliations/Membership:


Member, BoM, Tezpur University 2016
Member, BoS,Electronics Dept., Rjib Gandhi University 2016
Member, IT Society of India 2013
Member,Board of Management,Tezpur University June 2012-February 2013
Member, Regional Expert Committee, INSPIRE,DST 2012

Member, Academic Council, North East Regional Institute of Technology(NERIST), Arunanchal Pradesh           

Member, Expert committee, IES examination, UPSC 2011
Member, Board of Studies, North Eastern Regional Institute of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, Auranachal Pradesh 2006-2007
Member, Finance Committee, Tezpur University


Member, Executive Committee, SLET, Assam


Member, Expert Committee, AICTE, Eastern Region 2005-2006
Member, Board of Management, Tezpur University 2005
Member, Board of Studies, Dept. of Physics Dibrugarh University 2003-2005
Life Member, Biosensor Society of India 2001-2003



  • Invited to Division of Engineering, University of warwick, UK for research collaboration and experimentation on E-Nose developement for tea industry, 2002
  • Honoured as Distinguished educationist and scientist - Press Club, Margherita, Assam, 2011
  • Text book -"Intelligent Instrumentation :Principles and Applications" Reviewed as "a good text book authored" - IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine, IEEE, Oct,2012 by Jorge Daher

                            Research Supervisior:


Ongoing PhD                                 - 05

PhD obtained                                - 09 (One as Co-Supervisor)

Submitted                                      - 01

M Tech and B Tech dissertation - 30(Approx)

                           Titles of completed PhD:


1. Dr Surajit Borah- Machine Vision for Tea Quality Monitoring with  special emphasis  on Fermentation and Grading.


2. Dr K R Kashwan- A Novel Intelligent Artificial Neural Network Based Electronic-Nose System: Tea and Spice Flavour    Discrimination and Drift Parameter Determination.


3. Dr N Bhattacharyya- Identification of black tea aroma and flavor detection using electronic nose (As Co-supervisor)


4. Dr N C Sarcar- Modeling & control using delta domain techniques and  it's application in biomedical digital filter


5. Dr Nimisha Dutta- Noise Feature Analysis, System Identification and Modeling for Selection of Pulse Temperature Frequency of MOS Gas Sensors(Submitted)


6. Dr Awadhesh Pacahuri- Feature Extraction, Modeling and Synthesis of ECG Signal from Arterial Blood Pressure and Central Venous Pressure Signals by Signal Processing Techniques


7. Dr Mausumi Brthakur- Detection and Classification of Peripheral Motor Neuropathy: A Signal Processing Approach as Support System to Neurophysiologists


8. Dr Riku Chutia- Extraction and Selection of Static and Dynamic Features for MOS gas Sensors : An Approach for Performance Enhancement of Electronic Nose


9. Dr Madhuriya Pratim Das- Study on Low Frequency(1/f) Noise and Compensation of Noise,Drift and Temperature Effects in pH-ISFET Sensor

                                Contribution to Technical education:


  •      While working in Jorhat Engineering College,Assam during  1993-94 , played the key role in starting ,for the first time in Assam ,the discipline of BE in Instrumentation Engg. as the Co-coordinator. Initiated the collaboration for this course with Dept. of Electrical Engg.,IIT Kharagpur, developed the Instrumentation laboratory with a Central Govt. funding of Rs 20.00 Lakh during 1985-90. He organized to frame the course and acted as the founder HoD of the Instrumentation branch as  a contribution towards the growth of Technical Education in Assam

  •     Trying to popularize Scientific temperament among local public and children. He authored an Assamese book "Chahar Katha" on tea industry and tea manufacturing  for school children published in 2000. Over 30 scientific, technical and social reports/ articles authored by him have been published  in local regional magazines and newspapers.


                    Achievements of academic and social importance:


  •    Invited by Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Warwick UK for a Technical Discussion for exploring Tea Tasting by E-Nose in Sept 2002.- Students and researchers are benefited by this discussion on technology .


  •     Implemented a project "Computerised Braille Transcription system for the Blind Schools of Assam"- Rs 46.00 Lakh funded by Ministry of IT, Govt of India in 2001-02 - A socially acclaimed project. He co-ordinated conduction of computerized brailley transcription training in 5 nos of Blind Schools of Assam.


  •      Implemented a joint split site PhD programme between Tezpur University and University of Warwick, UK : one of his PhD student received commonwealth scholarship to do 1-year PhD work in University of Warwick, UK. 


  •     Considerable effort for the growth of the Digital Library of Tezpur University Library as the Prof. In-charge during 2002 2005.


  •     Being a life member of Biosensor Society of India, CFTIR, Mysore and based on  activities, BSI have permitted to open the North East chapter of BSI at Tezpur University.


                     Ongoing and completed Projects:



Sr. No


Funding Agency

Amount (Rs )



As chief investigator
1 Setting up and modernization of Instrumenttaion Laboratory, Jorhat Engg College Direct Central Assistance, Govt of India 12.5 Lakh


(At Jorhat Engg college)

2 Computerised Braille Transcription System for the Blind

Ministry of Information Technology, Govt of India

(Erstwhile- Department of Electronics)

47.00 Lakh


(At CEDTI, Tezpur)


Detection of nerve injury recovery by Intelligent Processing of Nerve Conduction Velocity(NCV) and Electromyogram (EMG) Signals

All India Council of Technical Education, New Delhi 11.2 Lakh


(At Tezpur University)

4 Industry Institute Partnership Cell(IIPC) All India Council of Technical Education, New Delhi 9.77 Lakh


(At Tezpur University)


5 Hardware based Field Type E-Nose for flavor Detection of Tea using MOS gas Sensors DST 33.30 Lakh


(At Tezpur University)


A Portable Nerve Testing Instrument

( As Mentor)

MSME, Govt of India Rs 5.90 Lakh 2014-2016 Ongoing

Automated Flushing and Deodorizer of Public Toilets using MOS gas Sensor based Electronic Nose Technology (E-Nose)

ASTEC,Assam Rs 1.78 Lakh 2014-2016 Ongoing
As Co-Investigator
1 Setting up of microfabrication facility DST,FIST 1.4 Crore


(At Tezpur University)


2 Microfabrication Laboratory UGC,SAP 0.69 Crore


(At Tezpur University)

3 Sertting up of fabrication facility for MEMS systems and Devices DIT 3.26 Crore


(At Tezpur University)



                        Extension activities:            

  • As coordinator conducted a self-employment programme -"Repairing and Maintenance of Consumer Electronics products"  for the local unemployed youths of Tezpur - funded by Department of Electronics( DoE), Govt of India - 2000-2003


  • As coordinator conducted Computerized Braille Printing among the blind and sighted teachers of five blind schools of Assam(2002-2003) 

             Srimanta Sankar Blind School, Borhompur,Nowgaon,

             Moran Blind School, Moran, Dibrugarh District

             Jorhat Blind School, Jorhat

             Narayanpur Blind School, Narayanpur

             Blind School, Bashistha, Guwahati


                                Single Authored Books:

Manabendra Bhuyan- Measurement and Control in Food Processing- Publisher: CRC Press, Taylor and Francis, USA, List Price: $ 92.00, ISBN: 9780849372445, 2006 Pages: 340


Manabendra Bhuyan- Intelligent Instrumentation: Principles and Applications Publisher: CRC  Press, Taylor and Francis, USA, List Price: $ 66.99, ISBN: 978142008953, 2010 Pages: 524 (This book was reviewed as "a good text book authored" - IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine, IEEE,USA Oct,2012 by Jorge Daher)         


Manabendra Bhuyan- Instrumentacao Inteligente:Principios e Aplicacoes, Gen,LTC ( Translated to Portugese)


M Bhuyan , Chahar Katha, A book in Assamese on Tea Industry of Assam for school children, Publisher- Mouchak Prokashan, Jorhat, Assam , 2000


                            Book Chapters in edited books:

1. S Borah,E L Hines and M Bhuyan, A Feature Conjugation based Soft Computing Technique for Colour and Texture Discrimination,pp 185-187,Networks, Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence- Trends and Future Directions-(Editors- D K Bhattacahryya & S Hazarika)- Narosa Publications, ISBN 81-7319 7555-5, 2006


2. M Bhuyan and S Borah, Optical Imaging Technique for Tea Colour Detection,Contemporary Optics and Optoelectronics,(Editor:PP Sahu etal) Tata McGraw Hill, 2007, pp395-398


3. M Bhuyan, First Year Curriculum of Undergraduate Engineering, pp38-50, in Recent Trends in Technical Education,(Editor- R Hariharan), MacMillan Advanced Research Series,ISBN-0230637124


4. N Dutta and M Bhuyan,Chapter-3.8: Measurement of odour by sensor arrays, Handbook of Odour Impact Assessment, Pub: Wiley, ,Editor-Vincenzo Naddeo,2012





Sr. No. Patent Name Patent No Inventor
1 A Three level temperature Indicator System for tea drier


Application No: 501/CAL/2000

M Bhuyan
2 Microwave Tea Drier


Application No.39/CAL/2001

M Bhuyan & A Choudhury


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