Basic Electronics Laboratory: Laboratory experiments are based on Switching Circuits and Digital Logic (SCDL), Biomedical Electronics (BE), Analog Electronics Devices & Circuits (AEDC), Integrated Circuits (IC), Electronics devices and circuits (EDC), Design of Digital Systems (DDS) are conducted in this lab. The lab is eqipped with number of analog trainer kit, digital trainer kit, DSO, CRO, Function generator and various trainer kit.

Design and Prototyping Laboratory (Workshop): Physical and Industrial Design of Electronics Systems (PIDE) lab designed for the M. Tech. students is equipped with following machines: lathe machine, drilling machine, milling machine, grinding machine, wielding machine, bending machine, spot weilding, wood planner, miter shop, hand grinder, power hacksaw, etc.

M. Tech. Project Laboratory: there are number of computers equipped with different software based on different projects. Computer systems are allotted to M. Tech final year students to complete their M. Tech Dissertation.

Computer Laboratory (Software): Laboratory experiments are based on Data and Computer Networks (DCN), VLSI, Modeling and Simulation (MS), Design and Technology of Electronics Devices (DTED), and Advanced Programming Language (APL) are conducted in this lab. Pentium based PCs attached to LAN server by powerful Pentium based Novel Netware consisting of about 25 terminals are connected to Internet Server. There are up-to-date office automation software, ORACLE, Web Server & browser, Circuit Simulator like MICROSIM, PCB layout, CPLD-FPGA Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software, High Performance Data acquisition - Control - Manipulation Software - GENIE Lab View, XILINX, ORCAD.

Communication Laboratory: In this laboratory experiments are based on Principles of Communication (PC), Digital Communication (DC), Control System (CS) and Microprocessor lab are conducted. It is equipeed with CRO, DSO, function generator, trainer kit, measuring instruments, spectrum analyzer, etc.

Microwave Laboratory: The lab consists of 7 setup for different ultraviolet experiments. Power meter, VSWR meter, DMM, etc.

DSP Laboratory: This lab is equipped with (i) Software and (ii) Hardware with DSP Kit (For B.Tech Project works) (iii) FPGA Boards.

Image Processing Laboratory: This lab is equipped with (i) Software and (ii) Hardware with FPGA Kits for image processing.

VLSI & MEMS Laboratory: It is equipped with computers for B. Tech students with ICCAD software &  COMSOL, COVENTORE WARE software.

Instrumentation Laboratory: This lab is equipped with temperature transducers - thermcouple, IC sensors, ti- channel temperature indicators, Load cell indicator, humidity sensor, sensor interfacing to PC, industrial type remote transmitter, PC based steeper motor, Servo motor driver, etc. It also includes CRO, FG, various trainer kit and measuring instruments. (This lab is under MODROB, AICTE).

Bioelectronics Laboratory: This lab is related with Robotics, vision developement with lab view, E-nose, Insectronics, Device Simulator and also has number of computers.

Neurobioengineering Laboratory: This is a complete biomedical power lab which includes instruments having capabilities of measuring and processing of ECG, EMG, EEG etc., computers, sensors, Robotic setup and various motors.

Optical Fiber Laboratory: Newly developed under MODROB, AICTE.

Healthcare Informatics and Management Laboratory: This lab is equipped with computers for the students of Advanced Diploma in Healthcare Informatics and Management programme with health related software.

Micro fabrication/MEMS Laboratory: This lab is equipped with PECVD, RIE, Photo Lithography unit, Thin Flim depositor, oxidation furnace, clean room facility, etc.

Research Laboratory: This computer laboratory is exclusively for Ph.D students. It includes:

1) Power electronics laboratory

2) Microwave engineering laboratory

3) Microfabrication laboratory

4) Sensor and system laboratory

5) Bioelectronics laboratory

6) Computer Vision and Image Processing laboratory

Hardware Laboratory:  It includes CRO, Function Generator, P/S equipment and trainer kit. This lab is alloted to M. Tech and B. Tech final year students to complete their hardware projects.





[1] Basic Electrical Lab.
[2] Electronics Lab.
[3] Electrical Machine Lab
[4] Instrumentation Lab
[5] Communication Lab
[6] Digital Electronics & Microprocessor Lab   

[7] Microwave Lab




ELDT Laboratory:

[1] Simulation Lab
[2] Instrumentation Lab
[3] Hardware Design Lab

Bioelectronics Laboratory:

[1] Simulation Lab
[2] Hardware Lab
[3] Bioneuroengineering Lab