Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

The program educational objectives (PEOs) of the M. Tech programme in Bioelectronics in School of Engineering, Tezpur University are as follows:

1.  To produce globally capable graduates in the domain of bioelectronics with knowledge in the areas of electronics engineering, design analytics and problem solving skills for success in professional careers in industry, academia and public service.

2.  To produce graduates motivated towards research and innovations in the broad area of bioelectronics by providing a stimulating research and learning environment.

3.   To encourage the graduates to practice the profession following ethical codes, social responsibility and accountability.

4.   To imbibe in the graduates an attitude for life-long learning process.


Program Outcomes (PO)


Program outcomes (POs) of the M. Tech. in Bioelectronics in School of Engineering, Tezpur University are as follows:

1.   The graduates will demonstrate knowledge and concepts which are competitive for application in bioelectronics and allied disciplines.

2.   The graduates will demonstrate an ability to analyze, formulate and solve problems related to Bioelectronics devices and system design.

3.  The graduates will develop an ability to design and implement projects and carry out research in interdisciplinary and emerging areas for application in health care, food safety and bio-inspired systems.

4.  The graduates will display an ability to contribute in the transformation of the economy through knowledge-based initiatives.

5.  The graduates will have knowledge and exposure on different phenomena occurring in semiconductor materials, biological materials, aqueous  solutions, solid-solid junction, and motion in solution and chemical reactions.

6.   The graduates will have knowledge to use, fabrication and characterize bioelectronic devices such as ISFET, CNTISFET, BioFETs, CNTBioFETs.

7.  The graduates will have knowledge in Biomedical signal analysis, biomedical image processing and their hardware implementation with exploration through computer vision and Instrumentation.

8.  The graduates will have good background for progression onto research programs and competitive examinations of national and international repute.

9.   The graduates will have a good understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.

10. The graduates will be able to demonstrate effective communication skills, both written and oral.

11. The graduates will have a good understanding for the need of life long learning and will be able to work in teams.