Department of Sociology (AWARDED UGC-SAP DRS-I, 2016)

Tezpur University

Publication of Subhadeepta Ray


  • Ray, Subhadeepta (2021) ‘The Virality of Pandemics: Reassembling the Social in the Anthropocene’ Society & Culture in South Asia 7 (1): 16-31.
  • Syama, Adikarla, Arun Varadarajan, Santhakumari, ArunKumar, Subhadeepta Ray, et al. (2019) Origin and Identity of the Brokpa, A Pre-‘Aryan’ Tribe of Himalayas-An NRY-HG L1a2 (M357) Legacy Annals of Human Biology 46(7-8): 562- 573. DOI: 10.1080/03014460.2019.1694700

Book Chapters:

  • Ray, Subhadeepta (2016) ‘Studying Laboratories: A Sociological Inquiry into Research Practices in Genetics’ in Ritambhara Hebbar and Mahuya Bandyopadhyay (ed.) Towards a New Sociology of India. Orient Blackswan: Hyderabad.


Other Publications:

  • Ray, Subhadeepta (28th January 2018) “Whalers of Old Aren't Like Astronauts Because of the Anxieties of Frontiers” The Wire
    Available at old-arent-like-astronauts-anxieties-frontiers


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