Department of Sociology (AWARDED UGC-SAP DRS-I, 2016)

Tezpur University

About us

The Department of Sociology at Tezpur University was established in 2006 with a Masters programme. Subsequently, it launched a PhD programme in 2008. The department is dedicated toward creating competent and socially sensitive graduates through rigorous teaching/training programmes and extension activities.

The curriculum lays emphasis on the teaching and learning of general concerns of sociology as well as the issues of sociological significance in northeastern India which constitute a special focus of the teaching and research of the department. A combination of participatory, experiential and creative pedagogy is used for transacting the curricula with a view to fostering dialogue, mutual learning and critical reflection. The pedagogical practices also utilise an inter-disciplinary framework combining classical approaches in conjunction with emerging areas of research.

The students pursuing their Masters in the department not only have to learn critical approaches and perspectives in the classroom but are also encouraged to participate in short field visits during vacations as part of their mandatory research projects. The department also takes care to expose the students to the prevailing social realities through activities such as outreach programmes, regular film screening, seminars and other programmes in collaboration with other social organisations.

The faculty members of the department have a wide range of interests and expertise and are currently engaged in research in areas such as Development, Education, Environment, Ethnic Conflicts, Governance, Health, Migration, Social Movements, Science Studies and so on.


"To become a leading center of sociological learning in pursuit of a just and humane society."


"To provide theoretically sound, methodologically rigourous and empirically grounded education with an interdisciplinary perspective."

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