Department of Sociology (AWARDED UGC-SAP DRS-I, 2016)

Tezpur University

Publication of A. S. Shimreiwung


Encountering Modernity: Situating The Tangkhul Nagas in Perspective, Co-Edited, Chicken Neck, An Imprint of Bibliophile South Asia, New Delhi. 2013

Migration, Identity and Conflict: Lived Experiences of Northeasterners in Delhi, (Co-Authored with Prof. Tiplut  Nongbri) , Rawat Publications, Jaipur. 2017


Articles in Journals and Chapters in Books

Ritualistic Regulation of Relationship between Land and Community among the Tangkhul Nagas”, Rajiv Gandhi University Research Journal, July-Dec, 2012. Vol. 11, No. 2:122-135 (printed June 2015)

“Pettigrew’s Children: Tracing the History of Print Culture in Tangkhul Language”, Journal of NortheastStudies, Vol. 3(2), Jul. -Dec. 2013, pp. 70-81,

Print Culture and the rise of Identity Consciousness in Oral Society: Trajectories in Conception of Community Identity in Tangkhul Literature”, in the book Encountering Modernity: Situating The Tangkhul Nagas in Perspective, Edited by R. Vashum, A.S. Yaruingam, A.S. Shimreiwung et al. Published by Chicken Neck, New Delhi, 2015

“Resurgence of Community in the Midst of Despair: Development’s Changing   Course in Northeast India”, in Dev Pathak and Amiya Kr. Das Edited book  Investigating Developmentalism: Notions of Development in the Social Sphere, New York, Palgrave Macmillan, 2019 


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