Department of Sociology (AWARDED UGC-SAP DRS-I, 2016)

Tezpur University


Area of Interest

Identity politics and school education; Gender politics; Language ideologies 


BA, Sociology (Hons), Banaras Hindu University, 2001

MA, Sociology, Banaras Hindu University, 2003

PhD, IIT Kanpur, 2011

Courses Taught



Goswami, N. 2017. Legitimising standard languages. Sage

Articles published in Journals

Bhuyan, N. and Goswami, N. 2021. Of Sankardeva, Sanskrit and Saraswati: The interplay of the regional and the national symbols in a school in Assam. Contemporary Education Dialogue. Vol 19 (1). 16-36.

Goswami, N. 2021. Mother-Work and School Culture: Parenting Strategies in Banaras. Explorations. Vol 5 (2). 29-47.

Goswami, N. 2015. Costs, Security and Discipline: Gendering the debate on school choice in India. Indian Journal of Gender and Society. Vol 22 (2) pp. 243-264.

Pappu, R. and Goswami, N. 2015. The common sense about gender in education. Indian Journal of Gender and Society. Vol 22 (2) pp. 159-169.


Book Chapters

Goswami, N. 2021. ‘Assamese and its ‘others’: Making of a school language in a multilingual society’ In Kedilezo Kikhi, Amiya Kr Das and Piyashi Dutta (Eds.) Indigeneity, Citizenship and the State: Perspectives from India's Northeast NewDelhi: Akaar 

Goswami, N. 2020. “Contextualising Educational Attainment in Assam: Reflecting on ‘gender Gap’ In Atul Bora, Ashok Pankaj and Antora Bora (Eds) Social Sector Development in North East India. New Delhi: Routledge 

Goswami, N. “Classification Process of Languages in Schools.” In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education. Ed. George Noblit. New York: Oxford University Press doi:10.1093/ acrefore/9780190264093.013.ORE_EDU-00380.R1 

Goswami, N and Gargi Gayan. 2018. “Sociologising research on education: A critical appraisal of research”. In J. P. Saikia and P.P Borah (Eds.) Sociology of Northeast India. Guwahati: DVS 

Goswami, N. and S Das. 2014. “Community Rights and Women in Khasi Society” in Sangeeta Borthakur Tamuli (ed.) Women Empowerment in Northeast India, Guwahati: Eastern Publishers 

Goswami, N. 2011. “Multiple identities and educational choices: Reflections on students from Ansari community in Banaras”, In Jairath, V. (Eds.) Frontiers of Embedded Muslim Communities in India, pp 174-195. New Delhi: Routledge 


Book Reviews

Goswami, N. 2015. reviewed Das, C R (eds.) “Adventures in education: Vistas and variations” Daanish Books Sociological Bulletin 64 (3), pp. 401-403 

Goswami, N. 2014. reviewed Sleeter et al (eds.) “School Education, Pluralism and Marginality” Orient Blackswan Sociological Bulletin 63 (1) pp. 150-152 

Goswami, N. 2010. Reviewed Schooling the National Imagination by Shalini Advani, Contemporary Education Dialogue, Vol. 7: 2, pp. 266 


Other Publications

‘Ours is a semi-English medium school’: Schooling aspirations and a neighbourhood school in Banaras. Education and the Urban in India. Working Paper Series 4. Max Weber Stftung. London

 “Qualitative Research Methods” for the Course DGD 103 Research Methodology for the Programme PG Diploma in Governance and Development, CODL Tezpur University. 2012. 

“Research Ethics” for the Course DGD 103 Research Methodology for the Programme PG Diploma in Governance and Development, CODL Tezpur University. 2012

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