Department of Sociology (AWARDED UGC-SAP DRS-I, 2016)

Tezpur University


Area of Interest

Agrarian Studies, Kinship Studies, Land and Livelihood


  • PhD: Department of Sociology, Tezpur University
  • M.Phil: CSSS, Jawaharlal Nehru University
  • M.A: CSSS, Jawaharlal Nehru University
  • B.A: Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi 


Courses Taught

  •  Sociology of Family and Kinship 
  • Social Demography
  • Sociology of Northeast India
  • Society in India
  • Environmental Sociology
  • Introduction to Sociological Thought




  • Paid and unpaid work during the Covid-19 pandemic: a study of the gendered division of domestic responsibilities during lockdown, Journal of Gender Studies, December,2021
  • Challenges of Manufacturing Motherhood: Caregivers in the Neo-liberal Economy in Explorations, E-Journal of Indian Sociological Society, October, 2020
  • Clocking the Satra: Meanings and Movements in Eastern Anthropologist, 72, 3- 4,2019
  • Gendered Implications of Customary Laws on the Women of Northeast India: The case of Nagaland, Man and Society, Vol XVI, Winter 2019
  • From Agriculture to Non-Farm: Agrarian Change among the Scheduled Castes of Central Assam, Social Change and Development, A Journal of OKD Institute of Social Change and Development. XV No.2. July 2018
  • Agrarian Change and Women: Explorations from the field, The Eastern Anthropologist, Vol.70, No.3&4ol.70, No.3 &4. March 2017
  • Re-looking at the Commons: An ethnographic account of a village, Man and Society, A Journal of North-East Studies, Volume XII, Winter,2016
  • Re-examining kinship organisations and Gender Relations in Man and Society: A Journal of North-East Studies, Vol. X, Summer, 2013

Book Chapters

  • Interrogating caste: Locating the Scheduled Castes in a multicast Assamese village, in Thomas and Kakoty (eds.) Towards Social Justice, ICSSR, NESRC and Pentagon Press Delhi. 2018
  • Community Rights and Women in Khasi Society-  in Sangeeta BorthakurTamuli (ed.) Women Empowerment in Northeast India, Eastern Publishers,2014
  • Panchayati Raj Institutions and Inclusive Growth in India: Myth or Reality- Sarmistha Das in Ferdusi Begum(ed.) Panchayati Raj System and Involvement of Women in Rural Development, 2014

Book Reviews

  • Sanjukta Das Gupta and Shekhar Basu (Eds.), Narratives from the Margins: Aspects of Adivasi History in India, in Sociological Bulletin, Vol 70(1), January 2021
  • The Medicalisation of Incest and Abuse: Biomedical and Indigenous Perceptions in Rural Bolivia By Carolina Borda-Nino-Wildman, in American Journal of Sociology, September 2019
  • Gender Socialization and the Making of Gender in the Indian Context. By Sujit Kumar Chattopadhyay, In Sociological Bulletin, Vol.67, Issue.3, October 2018
  • Clarinda Still, Dalit Women: Honour and Patriarchy in South India, in Sociological Bulletin, Volume 65, 2016
  • Catherine Bernard and John J. Shea(eds.): Nurturing families around the world: Building a culture of peace, in Sociological Bulletin, Volume 64, 2015


  • Quadrants for UGC epathshala, Paper, Media and Margins, Module: Media and Margins, P9M38, 2017
  • Quadrants for UGC epathshala, Paper, Media and Margins, Module: Cultural and Political Aspects of Marginalization, P9M15, 2017
  • Units for MA Sociology programme of K.K. Handiqui State Open University, Sociology of Northeast India, Unit 1 and 3, April, 2014

Seminar/Conference/Workshop attended

Attended a “Proposal Writing Workshop” organised by OKD Institute of Social Change at Guwahati from July 18th – 23rd, 2011

Attended a workshop on “Self-Learning Material Workshop” Organised by Tezpur University June 17th-18th, 2011                             

Attended a workshop on “Feminist research methodology” Organised by All India Sociological Society” on 14th December 2011, JNU

Attended a workshop on “Capacity building amongst women managers inhigher education” from 3rd-7thSeptember 2012, Tezpur University

Participated in the consultative workshop on, “DialogueonStrengtheningCommunityEngagementinHigherEducationInstitutions”17th-18th September IIT, Guwahati, 2014

Attended “Training-cum-Workshop on SPSS” 3-9 November, Department of Sociology, Tezpur University, 2014

Attended a workshop on “Memory Studies, Sources and Historical Analysis”, 12-14 October, Tezpur University 2015

Attended a two-day seminar on “Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics Forum” 8th-9thNovember 2016, Guwahati, Assam

Attended a two-day workshop on “Massive Open Online Courses(MOOCs)” 24th-25thNovember 2016, Teaching Learning Centre, Tezpur University


Acted as a Resource Person

‘Incest Taboo’ National Seminar on Myths Legends and Taboos, Department of Sociology, Jafu Cristian College, Kohima,Nagaland University, August 2011

‘Ethnicity and Migration’ All India Sociological Conference, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, December 2011

‘Class in Tribal Society: A gendered Perspective’ Tribal Studies Center Diphu Campus, Assam University, February 2013

‘Changing Livelihood Practices of the Scheduled Castes: An ethnography of a village in Central Assam’ Tezpur University, Tezpur, 2013

‘Changing Agrarian Structure and Women’ Indian Association for Women’s Studies, Gauhati University, Guwahati, February 2014

‘Commanding the Commons: A Study of a Village in Central Assam’, International Seminar on Governance, State and Development, Department of Sociology, Tezpur University, March 2016

‘Understanding Agrarian Change and Rural Communities’ All India Sociological Society Annual Conference, Organized by Department of Sociology, Tezpur University, December 2016

‘Livelihood, Gender and State’ International Seminar on Governance and Development organised by the department of Public Administration, University of Rajsashi, Bangladesh, January,2017

‘Land and Livelihood in Assam: Tracing the Trajectory’UGC SAP, National Seminar on Land Questions in Northeast India, Organised by Department of Sociology, Tezpur University, March 2017

‘Clocking the Satra: Meanings and Movements’ International Seminar on Locating Northeast India: Human Mobility, Resource Flows, and Spatial Linkages, Department of Sociology, Tezpur University, 9-12th January 2018.

‘Changing Rural Landscapes: Narratives from a Scheduled Caste Village’UGC SAP, National Seminar on Contemporary Rural Inter-State Out-Migration from Assam, Organised by Department of Sociology, Tezpur University, 22nd-23rdMarch 2018

Presented a paper on  Being a mother to mothering your child: The Challenges to motherhood in the neo-liberal economy at International Seminar on Locating Neighbourhoods in the Global South, organised by the department of Sociology, Tezpur University 25-26 September 2019  

Delivered the 1stZamira Begum Rehman Memorial Lecture on “Women Empowerment” at Kabilabad High School, Naapam, Tezpur, Assam,30th November 2016 

Invited as a Resource Person, UGC sponsored research seminar on ‘Women Empowerment and Changing Scenario of Women Education in Northeast India’, Rupohi College, Rupohi, Nagaon, 28th June2017

Panelist at Eastern Himalayas Naturenomics Forum, Organised by Balipara Foundation, Guwahati,Assam, 5th-6thNovember 2017

Panelist at Eastern Himalayas Naturenomics Forum, Organised by Balipara Foundation, Guwahati,Assam, 5th-6thNovember 2019

Ongoing Projects

Completed Projects

  • ICSSR project titled “Caste, Class and Commons: A Study in Nagaon District of Assam” (completed) 2014-2016
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