Approved courses for Spring 2022


Core Courses

CodeCourseL T P   CH  CRCoordinatorInstructors
BT 710Research Methodology   2   1   1     5     4Dr. M. V. Satish KumarDr. R. Doley
BT 711Review of Literature and Experimental Techniques0   2   2     6     4Concern Supervisor 
 Elective Course   
CodeCourseL T  P CH  CRCoordinatorInstructors
BT 716Omics in Biology3   1   0     4     4Dr. A. KumarDr. R. Doley
BT 717Evolutionary Genetics and Immunogenetics3   1   0     4     4Dr. S. BaruahDr. S.K. Ray
BT 718Structural Bioinformatics and Modelling3   1   0     4     4Dr. A.N. Jha 


Student need to complete all the core courses and one elective course.

*Two elective courses to be offered during each semester.

Open Electives


Course code Course NameL-T-PCHCRRemarkCoordinatorInstructors
BT 751Introduction to Biostatistics and Bioinformatics3-1-044SpringDr. M. V. Satish KumarDr. A.N.Jha
BT 752Introduction to analytical techniques 3-1-044AutumnDr. SPG PonnamDr. ND Namsa


Course code Course NameL-T-PCHCRRemarkCoordinatorInstructors
BT 409Introductory Biology2-1-033Spring Dr. A. KumarDr. R. Mukhopadhyay


Course code Course NameL-T-PCHCRRemarkCoordinatorInstructors
BI 109Basic in Bioinformatics3-0-033Spring Semester

Dr. A.N. Jha


Dr. MVS Kumar


MSc in MBBT Semester II (Spring)

Course CodeCourse NameL-T-PCHCRRemarkCoordinatorInstructors
BT 440Molecular Biology3-0-033CoreDr. Anand RamtekeProf. BKK
BT 442Immunology3-0-033CoreProf. S. Baruah 
BT 444Developmental Biology3-0-033CoreDr. S. DasguptaDr. J.P Saikia
BT 446Bioinformatics2-0-153DCEDr. MVS KumarDr. P. Barah
BT 448Genomics and Proteomics 3-0-033CoreDr. A. KumarDr. R. Doley
BT 454Biophysical methods and emerging technologies2-0-022SECDr. N. D. NamsaDr. SPG Ponnam
BT 450 Lab-III Molecular Biology0-0-363CoreProf. A. RamtekeTeaching Assistant
BT 452Lab-IV Immunology                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             0-0-363CoreProf. S. Baruah Teaching Assistant


MSc in MBBT Semester IV (Spring)

Course CodeCourse NameL-T-PCHCRRemarkCoordinatorInstructors
BT 462Project0-0-404020CoreDr. P. Barah* Dr. MVS. KumarAll faculty
BT 466Bioentrepreneurship  2-0-022DCEDept. of BA 


Integrated MSc Life Sciences (2019 onwards)

Semester II (Spring)

Course CodeCourse NameL-T-PCHCRRemarkCoordinatorInstructors
LI 102Biology Major II (Animal Diversity)3-0-033CoreDr. R. DoleyProf. M. Mandal
LI 104Biology Major II Lab0-0-363CoreDr. R. DoleyTeaching Assistant
PI 102Physics II3-0-033GEDept. of Physics 
CI 102Chemistry II3-0-033GEDept. of Chemistry 
MI 102Mathematics II3-0-033GEDept. of Maths 
CI 106Chemistry I Lab0-0-363GEDept. of Chemistry 
ES 103Environmental Studies3-1-044AECDept. of EVS 
BI 102Biology II2-1-033GE for Non-BioProf. S. K. Ray 
* BI 107Biology I Lab 0-0-363(for Chem, Math)Prof. S. K. Ray Teaching Assistant

*To be offered in Spring and autumn semester 

Semester IV (Spring)

Course CodeCourse NameL-T-PCHCRRemarkCoordinatorInstructors
LI 202Genetics and Evolutionary Biology 3-0-033CoreProf. S.K RayProf. S. Baruah
LI 204Microbiology3-0-033CoreProf. M. MandalProf. S. Baruah
LI 206Cell Biology-I3-0-033CoreDr. S. DasguptaDr. Anand Ramteke
LI 208Biochemistry I3-0-033CoreDr. R. MukhopadhyayDr. J.P. Saikia
LI 210Biology Lab-IV (Biochemistry)0-0-363CoreDr. R. Mukhopadhyay Teaching Assistant
LI 212Biology lab V (Cell Biology)0-0-363CoreDr. S. DasguptaTeaching Assistant
LI 214Seminar0-1-021CoreDr. N.D. NamsaAll Faculty
DM 101Disaster Management3-0-033SECCBCS 


Semester VI (Spring)

Course CodeCourse NameL-T-PCHCRRemarkCoordinatorInstructors
LI 302Immunology I3-0-033CoreProf. S. Baruah 
LI 304Biocomputing & Biostatistics2-0-143CoreDr. P. BarahDr. MVS
LI 306Developmental Biology3-0-033CoreDr. S. DasguptaDr.J.P. Saikia
LI 308Analytical Techniques3-1-044SECDr. SPG PonnamDr. N.D. Namsa
LI 310Mini Project0-0-8168



All faculty 


Integrated MSc in Bioscience and Bioinformatics

Revised Structure with New Code Number

(Batch: 2018-2023)

     Semester VIII (Spring)

Course CodeCourse NameL-T-PCHCRRemarkCoordinatorInstructors
BI 442Structural Bioinformatics2-0-143CoreDr. A. N. Jha 
BI 444Cell Biology II2-1-033CoreProf. A. RamtekeDr. S. Dasgupta
BI 446Genetic Engineering2-1-033CoreProf. BKKDr. N,D Namsa
BI 448Genomics and Proteomics2-1-033CoreDr. A. KumarDr. R. Doley
BI 450Applied Microbiology and Bioprocess engineering2-1-033Core Prof. M. MandalGF
BI 452System Biology2-0-143CoreDr. P. BarahDr. MVS
BI 454

Biology Laboratory -X 

(Genetic Engineering)

0-0-363CoreDr. ND NamsaTeaching Assistant
BI 456Biology Laboratory -XI (Applied Microbiology)0-0-242CoreProf. M. MandalTeaching Assistant
Total  3023   


(Batch: 2017-2022 & 2016-2021)

Integrated M.Sc. in Bioscience and Bioinformatics

Semester X (Spring)

Course CodeCourse NameL-T-PCHCRCoordinatorInstructor
BI-522Project - II0-0-163216Dr. A.N. JhaAll Faculty
BI-526Seminar – IV (Project outcome)0-2-022All Faculty
Total credits  18