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Hands on training workshop on “Molecular Diagnostic Techniques with emphasis to Viral Infection”

Welcome to Institutional Biotech Hub, Tezpur University

Institutional Biotech Hub (IBT Hub) is an initiative of Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India with a view to promote research and for development of trained manpower. The mandate of Institutional Biotech Hub is to conduct trainings and workshops in topics related to Biotechnology to create trained manpower. The IBT Hub at Tezpur University was established in the year 2011 at The Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology for a period of five years. It has now been upgraded to Advanced Level Biotech Hub on the basis of its performance. Biotech Hub Tezpur University has been conducting trainings, workshops, seminars and outreach programs in basic and advanced areas of Biotechnology and thus contributing to the growth of Biotechnology in the region.

Focus Area

Disease Biology


  • To conduct hands on trainings and workshops in the area of Disease Biology
  • To support teaching and research programs of the Department
  • Extension of facility for research activity of other Departments of the University
  • Extend teaching and training facilities to neighbouring Institutes of the region.