1. Application form for recognition as Supervisor / Co-Supervisor
  2. Format of plan of research (Ph.D.)
  3. Course Completion Certificate(Provisional)
  4. Application Format for PG Programme Original Certificate
  5. Application format for PhD Programme Original Certificate
  6. Course Registration Form for First Semester
  7. Format for submitting brief profile of Ph.D. thesis examiner on the panel
  8. Course Withdrawal Form
  9. Application Form for Dummy Transcript
  10. Proforma for Staring New Programme
  11. Hostel Accomodation Form
  12. Hostel Withdrawal Form
  13. Hostel Accomadation during Summer/Winter Recess
  14. Hostel Accomodation for Guests
  15. Hostel Accommodation Renewal Admission Form for project Staff/Research Scholar
  16. Student Feedback Form
  17. Migration Certificate
  18. Provisional Admission of Foreign/NRI students
  19. Bank Challan Form
  20. Refund of Caution Money & Refundable Fees
  21. Railway Concession (MS Word)
  22. Scholarship (MS Word)
  23. Internet & E-Mail Account
  24. Remuneration Bill Format for Thesis Examining etc.
  25. Performa for Visiting Professor,Visiting Fellow
  26. Prescribed Format of OBC NCL Certificate
  27. Claim intimation Form
  28. Hostel Late Entry Form
  29. Institutional Fellowship Claim Form
  30. Application form for recognition as Supervisor / Co-Supervisor
  31. Application form for Excursion    [.pdf version]     [.docx version]
  32. Application Form for extension of time for submission of Ph.D. thesis
  33. Application form for change of candidature
  34. Thesis submission form