Teaching is a complex and demanding work that requires highly specialized skills and knowledge to impact significantly on student learning. Furthermore, teaching is a dynamic profession and, as new knowledge about teaching and learning emerges; new types of expertise are required by educators. Teachers must keep abreast of this knowledge base and use it continually to refine their conceptual and pedagogical skills. Professional learning for teachers plays a critical role in this endeavour by equipping them with the expertise, skills and knowledge they need to develop these capacities in students. The focus on teaching-learning process will engage teachers towards the student’s concern, attention and interest. This will make the educational programme more meaningful and socially relevant. There is an urgent need for creating an effective system to provide opportunities for professional and capacity building of teachers, necessary for quality education and research in this remote part of the country. This will help teachers to be well equipped and motivated to accept new challenges emerging from the growth of new knowledge, international competitiveness and changing requirements of learners, especially in the institutions of higher education. Keeping in mind the noble mission behind launching the PMMMNMTT Scheme and the growing realization of a system-wide transformation, Tezpur University comes forward to take the initiative of setting up a TLC under the Centre of Excellence for Curriculum and Pedagogy. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a TLC in Tezpur University, Assam. As a research-extensive university, Tezpur University has always had a unique mission to support the learning, integrating teaching, research, and service in order to better serve the people. In order to meet the teaching and learning needs of North East India in specific and India in general, Tezpur University intends to set up a distinct Teaching Learning Centre in its campus with the financial support of MHRD under the PMMMNMTT Scheme.


The TLC envisions developing and promoting a responsive and relevant teaching–learning system for higher education communities and contributing to excellence in teaching and learning as an innovative and well-resourceful centre with committed and professional staff through reflective research-based practice and the optimal use of technology.


  • To accelerate teaching-learning process by way of promoting independent, critical and creative thinking.
  • To hand hold the teaching community in facilitating research for subject specific growth.
  • To enable the development of skills engaging latest technological devices as aids to teaching-learning process.
  • To help faculty in capacity building for curriculum designing and scientific assessment and evaluation.
  • To provide information about resources and events related to the enhancement of teaching and learning.
  • To develop innovative programmes in order to strengthen the inclusive nature of higher education by bringing the disadvantaged and marginalized sections of the society.

Objectives of the Teaching Learning Centre

  1. To organize workshops and seminars to facilitate capacity building and professional development of teachers.
  2. To provide assistance and support for promoting best practices in teaching learning environment through research and dissemination of already generated knowledge. (Original objectives numbers 6 & 7 are merged into it.)
  3. To generate and maintain learning materials and resources for easy access to learners and teachers (Original objectives numbers 1, 5 & 8 are merged into it).
  4. To develop discipline specific (science, mathematics, language and social sciences) curricular framework for professional development Programme.
  5. To prepare an outline of different pedagogy and scheme of assessment and evaluation method of different discipline.