Tezpur University

Teaching Learning Centre

Under Centres of Excellence for Curriculum and Pedagogy

Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya National Mission

The Department of Education of the Tezpur University was established in the year 2014 under the school of Humanities and Social Science. The first program offered by the Department of Education is Integrated B.Sc. B.Ed. and B.A. B.Ed. Programme. The Department of Education started MA in Education programme, Ph.D. in Education programme from autumn semester, 2015.

This Four-Year Integrated innovative B.A. /B.Sc. B. Ed programme, MA in Education, Ph.D. in Education aims at producing prospective teachers and educational professionalist with sound knowledge of the content, pedagogy and skills needed for the society upliftment.

A combination of participation exponential and creative pedagogy is used by the faculty for transaction of the curricular. The students who are pursuing their integrated B. Ed, in the department learn critical approaches and perspectives in the classroom with practical knowledge of field having school visits as a part of their curriculum on regular basis.

The teaching support infrastructure includes a Psychological Laboratory and Education Technology Laboratory, Science and Mathematics Resource Centre, Art and Craft Resource Centre. The students are supported by Instructional and Technical support system in the Department. The department is organised seminar, workshop and training programme for transferable skill development among the students.

Under CBCS courses, Department of Education offers three Open Elective Courses: ED110 Education Management, ED111 Right to Education: An Introduction, ED112 Value Education and one foundation elective as ED113 Professionalism in Teacher Education which is going to start from spring semester in 2016

Visioning the future:

The vision of Department of Education is that to establish as a brand for other institutions so they will prefer to choose our department for benchmarking. Our prospective teachers have access to service learning as well as skilled training, which will, in turn, contribute towards improving the quality of life and building a peaceful, prosperous and democratic society. Together with this department also aims to be producing a local, national, and international leader in generating new knowledge and preparing professional educators who make a difference in the lives of children, youth, families, and communities as well as teacher educators with professional ethics who develops the dedicated and competent teachers that is actual need in present context.