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Topic: Continental Drift Theory

Relevant Discipline: Geography

Theme: Origin of Earth

          Recommended By: Talom Taloh




Continental Drift Theory





(1)https://youtu.be/KpAl3ME4wKs  (Duration: 1:08 minute)

(2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tL-phSc_8csps (Duration: 04:31 minute)

(3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5q8hzF9VVE (Duration: 11:56 minute)

Description : 3 short videos on Continental Drift Theory.
i) What is continental drift theory ?
ii) Evidences supporting the Theory.
iii) Continental Drift Theory and evidences supporting it (another perspective).

Suitable for : UG Geography students.

Learning outcome : To have a clear understanding of fundamentals of the theory.



Description:A relation between Continental Drift Theory and Plate Tectonics


Suitable for:UG Geography Students


Learning outcome: Significance of Continental Drift Theory and birth of concept of plate tectonics

3.(E Book)



Description: Ashort note on Continental Drift Theory from the book Dynamic Earth by Prof. Rhodes.


Suitable for:  UG Geography Students


Learning outcome:  The diagrams (maps) used are easy to understand and should be helpful to students.

          Recommended by:Talom Taloh
          Affiliation: Assistant Professor ,Geography
          Institution:Dera Natung Govt. College, Itanagar
          Specialization:Physical Geography

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