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Topic:Thin film solar cell

Inorganic Thin film solar cell

Relevent Discipline: Engineering/Science

Theme: Renewable Energy

          Recommended By:Dr. Santanu Maity






Thin film solar cell


 Thin film solar cells


Description: This will provide the general idea about the thin film material for the application of thin film solar cell.


Suitable for: In the field of optical device/ solar cell for the research purpose.


Learning outcome: For the solar cell fabrication one of the most important is the basic understanding about of thin film.

What is the requirement of thin film ets.



Description: The website is completely about the solar cell. We can make some basic understanding on the different types of solar cell.


Suitable for: B. Tech/ M.Tech /Ph.D student.


Learning outcome: From this page we can understand how to calculate the efficiency of solar cell,

how the different parameters are related with solar cell efficiency, etc.






Description: Year wise improvement on the solar cell efficiency.


Suitable for:


Learning outcome: You can find the road map of solar cell fabrication as M Green is the father of solar cell he also proposed the green solar cell

          Recommended by: Dr. Santanu Maity
          Affiliation: Assistant Professor,ECE
          Institution:Tezpur University
          Specialization:Semiconductor devices

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