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Relevent Discipline: Political Science

Theme:Western Political Thought

          Recommended By: Pritom Doley





1. Video


h t t p s : / / y o u t u . b e /csIW4W_DYX4

Time: 07:31 minutes



Time: 05:58 minutes

Description: it helps to have an
initial understanding of Aristotle,
the Father of Political Science or
Father of modern logic

Suitable for: UG and also to some
extent PG students

Learning outcome: It talks about
the various virtues like courage ,
temperance, truthfulness, modesty
etc which Aristotle highly values. It
also gives a hint of his concept of
happiness and the purpose of state

2. Website


a) www.pursuit-of-happiness.org/history-of-happiness/ aristotle


b) brewminate.com/theconcept-of-justice-ingreek-philosophyplato-

Description: Talks about his two
most important philosophies on
justice and happiness.

Suitable for: UG and also to some
extent PG students.


Learning outcome: It would help the
students to have a grasp on
Aristotle’s concept of justice while
comparing it with that of Plato.
While Aristotle views justice as
system of rights, Plato views it as a
system of duties. But both works
on the principles through which
virtue and happiness can be
established in society.
The articles would also talk about
the very important concept of
Golden Mean.

3.E Book


Description: Deals with one of the
most important work of Aristotle

Suitable for: UG and also to some
extent PG students.

Learning outcome: The book deals
with “Philosophy of Human
Affairs”. It contains the whole
theory of human conduct or
practical activity as conceived by

          Recommended by: Pritom Doley
          Affiliation: Assistant Professor , Political Science
          Institution:Jagiroad College

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