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Topic: Soil Profile

Relevent Discipline Soil Science

Theme: Agriculture

          Recommended By: Palakshi Borah


sub topic




 Soil profile

1. website:





c) www.eschooltoday.com




a) Soil Profile, Horizons

b) Soil Profile

c) Soil Profile and different horizons


Suitable for: B.Sc. Agriculture students


Learning outcome:

Students will have a basic understanding of soil profile and what are the master horizons present in the soil profile

2. E Book:

a) http://www.agrimoon.com/wp-content/uploads/Introduction-to-Soil-Science.pdf








a) Introduction to Soil Science ICAR e-course PDF book developed by TNAU (pp:62-64)

b) Agriculture ICAR Soil Science PDF book. Introduction to Soil Science. Sl no. 6. Soil Profile (download chapter).

c) Introduction to soils by Nathalie Baxter and John Williamson, Centre for land protection research(pp: 15-16)


Suitable for: B.Sc. Agriculture students.


Learning outcome:

These e-books will help the students in having a conceptual understanding of the soil profile and the master horizons and sub horizons developed in the soil profile.


3. Videos:





a) Basic concept of soil profile and its properties (5:28 mins video)

b) Soil Profile Video (2:18 mins video)


Suitable for: School students and B.Sc (Agri) students.


Learning outcome:

The first video is useful for B.Sc(Agri) students. From this video they will have a basic concept about soil profile, the different horizons and their properties.

The second video is helpful for CBSE, ICSE, NCERT & International Students of Grade : 7. From this video they will have a simple understanding about soil profile and what are the horizons present.



          Recommended by: Palakshi Borah
          Affiliation: Junior Scientist,Soil Science
          Institution:Biswanath College of Agriculture
          Specialization:Soil Science

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