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Topic: Cosmic Rays

Relevent Discipline: Astropatical Physics

Theme:Science Learning

          Recommended By: Dr. Moon Moon Devi




Cosmic Rays



(i) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jXh4pJDtxo


(ii) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIG_P9RFQY4





   1 (i)

      Lecture Title: A short introduction to cosmic ray physics.

      Description: A lecture on cosmic rays of ultra high energy. It covers the introduction to cosmic rays and details of the gradual developments in the cosmic ray sector. The lecture was delivered in the summer school on cosmology, 2016 organized by the International Centre for Theoretical Physics.

     Speaker: Prof. Piero Ullio, SISSA, Italy.

     Duration: 1:24:53 Hrs.

     License; Creative Commons Attribution License (reuse allowed)


     Lecture Title: Cosmic rays: a century of adventure and mysteries!

     Description: A public lecture on cosmic rays organised by Trinity College Dublin and The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studiesin 2014.

     Speaker: Prof Etienne Parizot of Universite paris VII.

     Duration: 1:12:53 Hrs.

     License;  Standard YouTube License.


      Lecture Title: An Introduction to Cosmic Rays

      Description: An introductory lecture on cosmic rays in the summer program “Prospects of Theoretical Physics” organised by The Institute of advanced Studiy, Princeton in 2016.

     Speaker: Prof Ellen Zweibel, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

     Duration: 1:26:43 Hrs.

     License;  Standard YouTube License.


Suitable for: Students (Primarily Post-graduate and doctoral)

Learning outcome:

1. An Overview of the basics of Cosmic Rays, current status of Cosmic Ray research and the open questions.

2. An Introductory training for the next generation students in Cosmic Ray Physics.


(ii) https://www.auger.org/

(ii) https://www.mpi-hd.mpg.de/hfm/HESS/

(iii) http://www-ik.fzk.de/KASCADE_home.html/

(iv) http://grapes-3.tifr.res.in/


The official page of a few Cosmic Ray Experiments.

(i) Pierre Auger Observatory in Argentina. Named after the pioneer Pierre Victor Auger in the field of Cosmic Air Showers, it is among the frontrunner experiments in this field.

(ii) H.E.S.S: High Energy Stereoscopic System, a set of imaging Atmospheric Telescopes, located in Namibia. It investigates high energy cosmic gamma rays.

(iii) KASCADE-Grande: Karlsruhe Shower Core and Aray Detector-Grande, a cosmic ray experiment at KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany.


Suitable for: General viewers, Students (Primarily Post-graduate and doctoral), Researchers.


Learning outcome: Understanding of a few of the experimental studies which are going on to unfold the mysteries of cosmic rays. New work and publications on the experiments are also frequently updated.

Cosmic Rays


(i) https://arxiv.org/pdf/1010.5996.pdf





(i) Cosmic Rays: current status, historical context; Thomas K. Gaisser; ISVHECRI 2010, arxiv:1010.5996

(ii) The microphysics and macrophysics of cosmic rays; Ellen Zweibel; Physics of Plasmas 20, 055501 (2013)


Suitable for: Researchers, students


Learning outcome: Review articles on the dvelopment of Cosmic Ray studies, current status of Cosmic Ray Research, ongoing work, idea of devising a new problem

          Recommended by: Dr. Moon Moon Devi
          Affiliation: Assistant Professor , Physics
          Institution:Tezpur University
          Specialization:Asropaticae Physics

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