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Topic:History of Ancient & Medieval India

Relevent Discipline: History


          Recommended By: Mito Riba




History of Ancient & Medieval India





pre-historic india (ancient india) for ssc



indus valley civillisation (ancient indian history)


delhi sultanate:slave dynasty (medieval history)


Description: It will help the viewer in understand the Pre-Historic India, Indus Valley Civilization and Delhi Sultanate. The First video is about Pre-Historic India (5:09 Minutes), The second is about Indus Valley Civilization (17:43 Minutes) and the third is about Delhi Sultanate (18:48).


Suitable for: All competitive examinations like UPSC, SSC, State Public Services and Undergraduate courses etc.


Learning outcome: The viewer will be well acquainted with the Palaeolithic; Mesolithic, Neolithic and Metal age culture of prehistoric India, The second video will enrich the viewer about one of the earliest urban civilization of the world. The third video will help in understanding the foundation of the Slave dynasty of medieval India.

          Recommended by: Mito Riba
          Affiliation: Assistant Professor ,History
          Institution:Government Model College Seppa

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