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Topic:Light reaction of photosynthesis

Relevant Discipline: Biology

Theme: Plant Science, Biology

          Recommended By: Dr. Jyoti Prasad Saikia




Light reaction of photosynthesis



Description: Light reaction of Photosynthesis. Student will feel like sitting inside chloroplast and observing light reaction in life for 5.05 minute.


Suitable for:UG & PG Plant Physiology, Biology student.


Learning outcome: Will understand the concept. Being a basic concept of plant science one should expected questions in most of the competitive examination from photosynthesis. Student will be able to answer light reaction questions after going through this video.



Description: most simple explanation of photosynthesis for beginners and those who do not have any information on the topic.


Suitable for: will be helpful for the beginners and cbct students.


Learning outcome: students will be able to understand higher level books chapters video and complex explanation on light reaction of photosynthesis.

3.(E Book)


Description: detail explaination and the mechanism related to topic of light reaction of photosynthesis.


Suitable for: for advanced level student of UG and PG and may not be suitable for CBSE student.


Learning outcome: student will be able to answer in advance level questions on the topic.

          Recommended by: Dr. Jyoti Prasad Saikia
          Affiliation: Assistant Professor ,MBBT
          Institution:Tezpur University

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