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Topic: Basic Concepts of Economics

Sub Topic: Micro-Economics

Relevent Discipline:Economics

Theme: Conceptual Study of Economics

          Recommended By:Jonti Das




Basic Concepts of Economics




i) www.khanacademy.org/economics-finance -domain/microeconomics/supply-demand-equilibrium

Times Durations of the vedios::9:59, 8:16,13:53 accordingly.

ii) www.acdcecon.com>macro-econ-videos or http://m.youtube.com by ACDCLeadeship Time  :6:43

iii) www.studykhanzana.com or https://m.youtube.com by Study Khanzana Time:41:12



Description: students of economics can go through these websites to see the following topics. Topics:

i) Introduction to economics ,( Law of Demand , Aggregate Demand

ii) Demand and Supply explained

iii) Production possibility curve.


Suitable for: UG students.


Learning outcome:  Various basic concepts of Economics can easily be understandable through these Vedios for the students of economics and thereby they can go ahead to know the theories of economics. It will be the base of learner of economics.


i) www.economicsdiscussion.net/concepts-2/5-basic-concepts-of-economics/18127

ii) www.investopedia.com/terms/e/economics.asp

iii) http://econtutorials.com


Description:  Students can easily go through these websites to learn any basic concepts like what is economics?,what is wealth?what is utility ? etc. Here, all the concepts are explained very simply.

Student can easily open economicsdiscussion, investopedia and econtutorial websites to read various basic concepts of economics.

Suitable for: UG Students


Learning outcome: From this, students will be able to know the various concepts of economics and thereby they can go ahead to know the theories of economics. It will be the base of learner of economics.


i) https://bookboon.com/en/microeconomics-uk-ebook

“Essentials of Microeconomics” by Krister Ahlersten

ii) www.freebookcentre.net/Business-Books.html

“Principles of Economics Study material” by Ms.K Suseela,college of Food Science and Technology Bapala” pdf 136 pages.

iii) http://www.mbacrystalball.com>blog/economics

“ Basic concepts & Principles”  by MBA Crystal Ball

Description:Through these websites the  free E-Books related to the basic concepts of economics  can be read  by the students


Suitable for: UG  students.


Learning outcome: Students will  be able to know the various concepts  of  economics and on the basis of this they can go ahead to know the economic analysis , theories of economics ,etc.

          Recommended by: Jonti Das
          Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Jonti Das
          Institution:SMD College Charing, Sivasagar
          Specialization: Demography

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