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     Department of Social Work

                         विज्ञानं यज्ञं तनुते
Specialized Knowledge promotes creativity


Students of the Department undertake research in the following areas as part of their M.A. dissertation

  1. Priyanka Saikia : A study on women working in the informal sector in two villages of Balipara block of Sonitpur, Assam.
  2. Ankita Bora: Traditional flood coping mechanism: A study of two villages in Jorhat District
  3. Priyanka Gogoi: Birth attendants and women’s choice in place of delivery: A study of five villages in panchmile and Solmara
  4. Pallabi Mallick: A Study of the Barriers in Accessing Health Services in Selected the Char Community of Sonitpur District, Assam.
  5. Monaspika Das: A study on psychosocial correlates of stress and depressive symptoms during pregnancy.
  6. Sumita Basumatary: A Study of Understanding the Determinants of Domestic Violence in Sonitpur District of Assam
  7. Jyoti Chettry: A study on the factors contributing to school dropout among the girls in two villages of Balipara Development Block.
  8. Mintu Kumar: a study on Mother Tongue based Multi lingual Education and its effectiveness
  9. Dikshita Barman: Understanding School Health programme: A Study Of Napaam Panchayat,Tezpur.
  10. Priyanka Borah: A Study on the Plight of Women of Tea Tribes in Assam(Sonitpur District).
  11. Raj Shekhar Ghosh: Study on man and animal conflict in Sonitpur District.
  12. Niharika Boruah: A study on Maternal Death in Sonitpur District
  13. Samikhya Borah : ‘A study on child marriage: its causes and consequences for women in two villages of Balipara Block"
  14. Nabarun Bora: child health in tea gardens: issues and challenges