Alumni Feedback


On a scale of (1-5) with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest, rate the following items corresponding to the course curriculum of above programme.

1. Suitability of the ongoing courses in the present context *
2. Semester wise course credit distribution in the syllabus *
3. Sequence of the courses in the syllabus *
4. Adequacy of instructional hours in terms of lecture, practicals, tutorials *
5. Adequacy of the course curriculum w.r.t. the programme *
6. Provision of choices/electives for students in selecting courses *
7. Orientation of the courses towards industry/societal needs *
8. Availability of skill development/entrepreneurship-oriented components *
9. Adequacy of projects/internships/fieldwork/laboratories for practical exposure in the syllabus *
10. Research component in the courses *
11. Provision of enhancing student’s creativity within the courses *
12. Relevance of the syllabus towards employability of students *
13. Conduciveness of the syllabus content towards higher studies *
14. Suitability of the Textbooks/reference material suggested for the courses *
15. Size of the syllabus in terms of load on the student *

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