Innovative food processing technologies such as High Pressure Processing, High Pressure Thermal Sterilization, Radiofrequency, Ultrasound, Ultraviolet, and Pulsed Electric Fields Processing etc. are the only suitable options for sustainable food security. This will not only help for food protection, but will also help us to increase our export potential. The economic status of producers will also improve resulting in an inclusive growth. We need innovative technologies suitable to India's conditions and newer ventures in food industries to process and preserve the food. It will also create awareness amongst stake holders on the values and qualities of available technologies as well as on the benefits of innovative technologies for processing, preservation and value addition of foods are essential for effectively managing our foods and for reducing post-harvest losses. The National Seminar on “Trends and Innovation in Food Processing Technology: Prospects and Challenges” will provide a national forum to academicians, scientists, researchers, small entrepreneurs and food processing industries, to discuss critical issues concern to advanced and innovative techniques in food processing. The seminar will also provide opportunities for networking and collaboration amongst researcher and industries.

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