1. On reaching Guwahati Railway Station by train, kindly take the exit towards Paltanbazar (South of the Railway Station) through the Railway Over Bridge. You will notice on the right side- the Assam State Transport Corporation (ASTC) Bus stand. Enquire there about the Bus service to Tezpur. Alternatively, you may take the Winger Service from Guwahati to Tezpur which starts from the ASTC Bus Stand. There are also a number of Private Travel Agencies, viz., the Green Valley, Blue Hills, Net Work, Warispiya, etc ., that ply buses between Guwahati and Tezpur at regular intervals. It takes generally 4 hours to reach Tezpur from Guwahati.
  2. If you are reaching Guwahati by Air, the following options are available.     (i)You may take a taxi to Tezpur University directly from the airport. The usual charge is between Rs. 2800/- and Rs. 3000/-
       (ii)You may take an Auto/Taxi to the Inter State Bus Terminal (ISBT). The usual fare is around Rs. 150/ from the ISBT you are to avail ASTC buses to Tezpur.
       (iii)You may take a Taxi to Paltan Bazar (usual charges are Rs. 250/- to Rs. 300/-), from where either ASTC or Private Travel Agency operated Buses to Tezpur may be availed.
       (iv) You may avail the ASTC Airport bus service to Paltan Bazar/ ISBT (Usual charges are Rs. 80/-) from where you can take the Winger/bus services to Tezpur.
  3. Almost all buses/Winger stop finally at or near the ASTC bus station at Tezpur.
  4. On your arrival at the ASTC Bus Station at Tezpur you may avail the University Bus service from there to Tezpur University. The University Bus Time Table is available on our website.
  5. Please note that the last bus from the ASTC Bus Station to Tezpur University is at 7.45 PM/ 8PM (on Holidays) It is advisable that one reaches the Tezpur ASTC Bus Station before 7.30PM.
  6. In case of late arrival, i.e., after 7.45 PM at Tezpur, you may take an Auto from Tezpur town. The fare is Rs. 150/-
Note: Tezpur is connected by Broad Gauge from Tezpur Rail Station to Rangia Junction via Rangapara Junction. However you are advised not to take this route. Nearest main rail hub is Guwahati which is well connected by different Trains from other important places of the country.


Guwahati to Tezpur

National Highway No. 31 via Jalukbari upto Baihata Chariali and NH 52 from Baihata Chariali via Mangaldoi. Distance : 175 kms (approx.)
National Highway No. 37 via Nagaon upto Kaliabor Tiniali and NH 37A from Kaliabor Tiniali via Kolia Bhomora bridge. Distance : 186 kms (approx.)
Regular Bus service is available from Guwahati (ISBT/ Bethkuchi, Near Balaji Temple, AHOM GAON, Guwahati) to Tezpur ASTC Bus Station via Nagaon or Mangaldoi. To reach Tezpur University, University Bus Services are available from Tezpur ASTC Bus Station, Tezpur via Dolabari to the University Campus in scheduled time. (Please see the University website for details). Besides University Bus Service, Taxis/Auto rickshaws are available from Tezpur Town (Near ASTC Bus Station) or Mission Chariali and Private Bus from Tezpur Town (Near Idgah Maidan) to reach the University.


Direct Air India flights to Tezpur from Kolkata are available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. But daily flights are available from/to Guwahati to/from all other major cities of the country.