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Courses Taught

BA 583 Research Methods in Business (MBA-Core)

BA 674 Services Marketing( MBA-Marketing Specialisation)

BA 679 Relationship Marketing and Salesmanship (MBA-Marketing Specialisation)

TM 501 Fundamentals of Tourism (MTTM-Core)

TM 601 Research Methods (MTTM-Core)

BM 701 Research Methods in Business (PhD-Core)

BX 566 ServicesMarketing (Ex-MBA-Marketing Specialisation)

Mrinmoy Kumar Sarma

Qualification: Services (Tourism) Marketing (2001).

Title of the Thesis: Destination Positioning of North East India Based on Preferences and Perceptions of Tourists

Area of Specialisation/Research:

    • Tourism Marketing
    • Relationship Marketing
    • Services Marketing
    • Salesmanship
    • Research Methodology

Research Publications:

  • Dutta, D. & Sarma, M. K. (2022). Adoption of Digital Innovations: A Special Reference to Routinised Incremental Innovations.Review of Market Integration, First Online (),1-25. 10.1177/09749292211073636
  • Dutta, D. & Sarma, M. K(2021). Internet skills as an influencer for adoption of digital innovations in a technologically emerging nation: India, Vilakshan.XIMB Journal of Management, (),.
  • Dutta, D. & Sarma, M. K(2021). Adoption of digital innovation: Formulating Adopter categories and levels of adoption in a digital sphere in an emerging economy.nternational Journal of Innovation and Technology Management, 17 (8), 2050059-1 - 2050059-21.
  • Dutta D. & Sarma, M. K(2020). Service Innovation Typologies and Applications in India: A Literature Review..International Journal of Business Innovation and Research, 22 (3),.
  • Dutta, D. & Sarma, M. K(2020). Apps vs. Websites: End Users' Preference in a Continuously Innovating Digital World.Pacific Business Review International, (),13-23.
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Papers in Conference Proceeding:

  • Sarma, M. K. & Sarma, U(2013). Drivers of Online Shopping: An Exploration in Five Indian Cities in the 5th Conference on Marketing in Emerging Economies at the Indian Institute of Managemen. in the 5th Conference on Marketing in Emerging Economies at the Indian Institute of Management,Ahmedabad, (),351-355. , []
  • Sarma, M. K. & Baruah, U.K.(2011). Information sources for tourists: a spatial study across time and expenditure .in the 4th Conference on Marketing Research in Emerging Economies at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, (),240-244. , []
  • Sarma, M. K., Sharma A. & Goswami, S(2010). Sustainability, destination life cycle and community based tourism.In National Consultation Workshop on Sustainable Natural Resource Management in Northeastern India: Analyzing Practices and Policies, (),. , []
  • Sarma, M. K(2007). Tourists as Craft buyers: An analysis of preferences .in the 2nd Conference on Marketing Research at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, (),227-232. , []
  • Sarma, M. K. & Baruah, U(2007). Tourists expenditure: An empirical north east India in the UGC sponsored Seminar at SDM College, Charing, Sibasagar., (),. , []
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Popular Articles:

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  • Goswami, C., Sarma, M. K. & Sarkar, S. S(2012) .Sustainable tourism: Issues and challenges (Eds.) . New Delhi: Macmillan Publishers India Limited. [ISBN: 978-935-059-069]
  • Sarma, M. K(2008) .Traditional Crafts of Assam: Development Dynamics Through Touristic Marketing .Delhi: Anshah. [ISBN: ]
  • Kalita, K. & Sarma, M. K(2017) .Exploring Impulse Buying in Travel Services : A Study in the Urban Areas of Assam .in S. K. Dixit (Ed.), The Emerging Paradigms of Hospitality & Tourism : Marketing Perspectives(116-133)New Delhi : D. P. S. Publications.[978-81-928994-2-8]
  • Chutia, L. J. & Sarma, M. K(2015) .Vaishavite mask and mishing textiles in Majuli: challenges for touristic marketing .In C. Goswami, A. Bhuyan and N. Das (Eds.), Tourism and Handicrafts: A Sustainable Approach(137-148) New Delhi: Excel India Publishers.[978-93-84869106]
  • Sarma, M. K(2015) .rafts, souvenir and authenticity: An introductory discourse .In C. Goswami, A. Bhuyan and N. Das (Eds), Tourism and Handicrafts: A Sustainable Approach(122-123)New Delhi: Excel India Publishers.[978-93-84869106]
  • Sarma, M. K. & Goswami, S.(2013) .Customer Delight in the Hotel Industry: An Exploratory Study. .In S. C. Mahar & S. Uniyal (Eds.), Tourism and Hospitality Industry: Application and Role of Science & Technology(35-62)Dehradun: Shiva Offset Printers.[]
  • Sarma, M. K. & Baruah, U(2012) .Understanding the forms of tourists' expenditure: Way to economic sustainability .In M. K. Sarma, S. S. Sarkar & C. Goswami (Eds), Sustainable Tourism: Issues and Challenges,(59-68) New Delhi: MacMillan.[978-935-059-069]
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