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        Message from the Vice Chancellor

Open and Distance Learning converts challenges into opportunities through flexibility and foresight, creating a platform for the merger of human and technological resources. Our motto is to maximize the synergy between aspirational sections of our society and innovative teaching learning methodologies through futuristic learning materials prepared with a great deal of care. The bottom-line is giving the learners the opportunity to not only acquire a chosen skill but get the maximum out of our resources in minimum time, bridging the gap between skills and aspirations handicapped by geographical or social location. TU is uniquely positioned to help such aspirants overcome the ability divide and push the willing to improve and innovate. We seek to provide traditionally valued qualifications as well as new and value-added skills away from the classroom at a place and time of the learners' choice. That alone can guarantee that learning contributes effectively to the personal growth and leadership qualities in each and every learner leading to the advancement of society. We are accelerating everyday with our commitment to balancing dedication with expertise. As we strive to take the Centre for Distance and Online Education of our University to greater heights, we look forward to meeting our obligations to the region and the nation.

Professor Shambhu Nath Singh         


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