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Department of Environmental Science and Centre for Disaster Management , Tezpur University
Programme offered in CODL Min. Duration Max. Duration Fees
PG Diploma in Environmental & Disaster Management 1 year (2 Semester) 2 Year (4 Semester) 8,500 INR
1. To impart thorough and in-depth knowledge of different aspects of the management of environment vis--vis natural and man-made disasters to cater the likely needs of trained personals in government and other organizations.
2. To improve personal management skills, particularly as they relate to public awareness, policy promotion, response operations, training, use of information and inter organizational cooperation.
3. To impart new skills, such as familiarity with major sources of environment and disaster management information.
Eligibility Department and School offering the program Programe Co-ordinator(s)
Graduate in any discipline (Jointly by Department of Environmental Science and
Centre for Disaster Management
School of Science
Dr. Dipak Nath
Assistant Professor
Centre for Disaster Management
Phone: 3291 [03712-273291] , +91-98541 74734 (M)
Email: dipak@tezu.ernet.in

Dr. Nirmali Gogoi
Assistant Professor
Dept of Environmental Science ,Tezpur University
Phone: 5609
E-mail: nirmali@tezu.ernet.in
Semester Wise Course Structure
First Semester Second Semester
DEM101: The Environment: Basic understanding DEM201: Environmental Laws and Policies
DEM102: Natural Resources and Sustainable development DEM202: Environmental Pollution and Management
DEM103: Urban Water Management DEM203: Planning for Disaster Risk Mitigation
DEM104: Fundamentals of Disasters Management DEM204P:Project


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