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About Centre for Distance and Online Education

The Centre for Distance and Online Education (CDOE), rechristened as per the UGC (Open and Distance Learning Programmes and Online Programmes) Regulations, 2020, from `Centre for Open and Distance Learning` (CODL), was established in 2011 with the objective of disseminating knowledge and imparting quality education in the open and distance learning mode. As the UGC Regulations 2020 has been adopted at TU, online programmes too are being introduced at the earliest possible opportunity. Currently, the Centre offers various post-graduate, post-graduate diploma and certificate programmes in the emerging areas of social sciences, management and humanities with a flexible and learner-friendly teaching-learning system. The Centre strives to facilitate high quality learning for those who cannot avail themselves of higher education inthe conventional mode and those who look upon learning as a life-long activity. The academic programmes are carefully designed keeping in mind the need of the hour and courses are updated regularly based on the feedback of stakeholders such as students, teachers, parents, academicians and employers. Study materials are authored/edited by qualified and experienced faculty members and are made available to the learners so that they can devote their quality time to the focused areas of learning. In order to meet the aspirations of the learners, the Centre extends every possible support and guidance for which necessary infrastructure is in place. The Centre is committed to making education accessible to the masses and creating high grade human resourcesin an affordable manner. Click here to go Back


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