• Department HOD

    Dr. Rupjyoti Gogoi

    Assistant Professor

    • Research area : Infrared Astronomy Interstellar Dust
    • Intercom : 5577
    • Phone : (03712) 275577
    • E-mail :

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    Educational Qualification:

    • Ph.D.(Physics), Gauhati University
    • M.Sc.(Physics), Gauhati University

    Teaching Courses:

    Spring 2017:

    • PH538: Introduction to Cosmology
    • PI325: Thermodynamics & Statistical Physics


    • PH417: Advanced  Classical Mechanics
    • PI203: Classical Mechanics

    Academic Recognition/Membership:

    • IUCAA Visiting Associate
    • International Member,  Science Development Team, Thirty Meter Telescope
    • Life member, Astronomical Society of India
    • Life member, Physics Academy of the North East

    Recent Publication:

    • The distribution of infrared point sources in nearby elliptical galaxies, Rupjyoti Gogoi, P. Shalima, Ranjeev Misra; New Astronomy, Vol 59, page 21 (2017).
    • Probing the infrared counterparts of diffuse far-ultraviolet sources in the Galaxy, Gautam Saikia, P. Shalima, Rupjyoti Gogoi , Amit Pathak; Planetary & Space Science, in press (2017).
    • Comparison of Diffuse Infrared and Far-Ultraviolet emission in the Large Magellanic Cloud: The Data, Gautam Saikia, P. Shalima, Rupjyoti Gogoi , Amit Pathak; Planetary & Space Science, Vol 133, page 90 (2016).
    • Thirty Meter Telescope: Detailed Science Case: 2015,  Warren Skidmore for TMT International Science Development Teams; Research in Astronomy & Astrophysics,  Vol 15, Number 12 (2015).
    • The Dust Content and Radiation Fields of Sample of Galaxies in the ELAIS-N1 Field, Shalima P.,  Rupjyoti Gogoi, Amit Pathak,  Ranjeev Misra, Ranjan Gupta, DB Vaidya; Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Volume 127, Number 954 (2015).