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LHCb observes new doubly charmer baryon


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Dr. M. K. Das
Group leader

Let's have a cup of coffee with Neutrino

What is neutrino??

          Neutrinos are tiny elementary particles that are formed in nuclear reactions, such as the fusion reactions inside the Sun or the fission reactions that take place inside nuclear power plants. These particles are not affected by gravity or electromagnetism, which makes them weakly interacting particles. But, even though trillions of neutrinos are emitted by the Sun each second, and billions reach the Earth, nearly all pass right through the planet without hitting anything.

          The recent landmark discovery of neutrino oscillation (which bagged the nobel prize in physics in 2015) has provided an unique window into interesting physics beyond the most successful standard model of particle physics. It has unravelled the fact that neutrinos are massive as well they mix among themselves like their counterparts charged leptons and quarks during their propagation. The various neutrino experiments like MINOS, T2K, DOUBLE CHOOZ, DAYA BAY, RENO etc and their interpretation have confirmed their observation and has also measured the neutrino parameters more accurately. Nevertheless, there are many unanswered questions which are yet to be perceived regarding the neutrino mass scale, neutrino mass hierarchy, intrinsic nature of the neutrinos, presence of sterile neutrinos, CP violation in neutrino sector, matter-antimatter asymmetry and many others which has made it an enthralling topic of research in present days.

What we Do?

We, Neutrino Physics research group are involved in understanding the tiny masses of three flavours (?) of neutrinos and their mixing angles at low energy scales. It includes textures of neutrino mass matrices and leptonic mixing matrices from different flavour symmetry like A4, S4 etc. Further we involve exploring the new physics contribution to lepton number violation, lepton flavor violation, Baryogenesis and dark matter within and beyond the Standard Model framework. The most successful Standard Model of particle physics has not been able to furnish any signature of origin of neutrino mass, matter-antimatter asymmetry, DM candidates and their properties. This is one of the pressing problems in both high energy physics and cosmology. Therefore searching for a concrete realization of neutrinos, dark matter and related cosmology to provide a hint towards physics BSM will be of utmost interest of our group.

Contact details

Neutrino Physics & Theoritical Cosmology Lab
Room number: 219
Department Of Physics
Tezpur University
Pin Code: 784028
Phone: (03712) 275588
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