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Padmashree, Prof. Rajpal S. Sirohi

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Department of Physics has stridden out not only in its post-graduation teaching but also in new frontiers of research since its commencement in January 1998. To keep pace with the advancement in science and technology, in July 2005, the department started two-year PG course in Nanoscience & Technology alongside its two-year PG course in Physics. It has also started Integrated M.Sc as well as B.Sc. B.Ed course. The areas of specialization offered by the department for post-graduation are Condensed Matter Physics, Electronics and Photonics, High Energy Physics, Nanoscience & Technology and Astrophysics. The Department inculcates the spirits of research and can boast of some good research work carried out here, the thrust areas being Nanomaterials, Solid State Ionics, Theoretical High Energy Physics, Plasma Physics, Optoelectronics and Microwaves

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Workshops on Nonlinear Dynamics

The 1st two-day satellite international workshop in NE India on Nonlinear Dynamics and Applications (NDA-2014), Department of Physics, Tezpur University, Tezpur, during 14-15 March 2014. Three-day National Science Academies’ (IASc, INSA & NASI) Lecture Workshop on Nonlinear Dynamics (ND2011), Department […]
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