Input From Our Alumni

Praveen Kumar (MCA, 2005)

... sending few study materials that are helpful to fresher. The TechnicalAptitudeQuestionBook is really helpful and cover most of the topic that are asked in interview.
The attach C, C++ faq  contains few question that are not asked as freshers.

Madhuleena Dutta Roy
Software Engineer
Infosys Technologies Ltd.

This is a collection of FAQ for networks, OS and UNIX. Hope it is useful.


Surajit Ain

... Now-a-days it has become a trend for IT firms (big or medium size) to judge the communication skills of the candidates before recruiting and the common trend that they follow is a group discussion as in case of companies like Satyam, Aztech, Sonata Softwares. Even Infosys in there interview round they ask candidates to pick anyone of topic from a list of 10 or 15 topics and ask the candidate to speak for 2 minutes. That is what exactly happened in case of S.M.Sajid<92>s final interview round.

Henceforth it is always better to be prepared so than one can put up a better performance.

I hope this would help in such preparations.

presentation topics

Sanjib Kumar Deka
GSM-BSC Design (R&D)
Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd
139/25, Domlur Layout, Ring road
Bangalore - 560 071,INDIA
Tel: +91 80 25355501 Extn: 4837
Fax: +91 80 25351133
ESN: 6-874-4837

... our students have good technical knowledge, but they need to prepare specially for the process of job search.....
(some useful tips:    DOC    RTF )
... (29-April-2005)

Ghananil Phukan
GE Healthcare
GVE India
Phone- 25033921(direct)

... Here job market is improving a lot. quite a few companies are looking for freshers. My organization is also looking for fresher. Can please ask ours guys to send resume to me.
Skill set- JAVA + database
... (25-June-2004)

One very good news from Bangalore. Heman has joined in Quinnix Software as consulant level 2. He will be working in Motorola. Here few more juniors have came. Hoping that they also will be in job very soon.
Job Market has been very good for last few months. I think Juniors are aware of this. One thing is very sure that competetion is there. But I am confident people passed out from Tezpur University are capable enough only requires preparation, thats all.
... (23-Sept-2004)




Jeevan Jyoti Bordoloi


... the market is quite stable these days. .... Only thing is that, they'll have to know and understand what are the things they should prepare. I don't know about the other places, but as far as Bangalore is concerned, I have some idea. ... please ask them to prepare the following books ::

1. Test your C skills by Y Kanitker for C
2. Test your C++ skills by Y Kanitker for C++
3. Shakuntala Devi's puzzle books.
4. George Sommers' puzzle book.
5. Marice Bach's book for UNIX.
.... More
Material for preparation for interview

Part 1 (Java)
Part 2 (C++)
Part 3 (C++)
Part 4 (C++)




Manoj Saha
GE Medical

"... please tell juniors to learn more and more on unix , shell scripting besides others.These are very important and advantegeous to clear a interview. Hope they will understand you..."   (10-06-04)





Rakesh Dutta
GE Medical

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"If you don't know makefile, we assume that you don't know programming on UNIX/Linux platform."       Learn it now itself:      




Himangshu Athparia
GE Medical

i am sending u some links which i think some better one u and they may get benefitted by this ( i hope so ) (20-Nov-2003)