About the Centre

The University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi approved the proposal no.F.40-13/ (2005) (GA-1) (Vol.II)/5069 dated 21.09.2009 for the establishment of Women’s Studies Centre (WSC) in Tezpur University.

The centre tries to create a balance between the University Grants Commission’s mandate of teaching, research and extension on one hand and the distinctiveness of women studies as an area within the academy on the other. The ultimate task is to bring a change in prevailing social attitudes, enhance collaboration between disciplines, produce new knowledge, and contribute to the north-east Indian experience through activism and research.


The CSCWS will function as a centre to co- ordinate and promote studies on women belonging to the diverse socio-cultural milieu of a multicultural North East India and the assimilation of women from marginalized tribal / non-tribal and ethnic groups through outreach activities such as field study, advocacy, workshops to enhance awareness and to train manpower to conduct research in wom- en studies. The centre shall connect, coordinate and construct a community of women who would significantly contribute towards meeting objectives of gender sensitization and empowerment in this region.


To aim for gender justice in the society.