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Summer/Winter Internship Programme

The Summer/Winter Internship programme conducted after the first year of studentship is intended to provide the students a first-hand experience of the corporate world. While working closely with company executives, they develop a long-term perspective of their career during such programmes. The companies too view the Summer/Winter Internship programme as a means to engage students in productive short-term assignments as well as evaluate them for the purpose of giving them pre-placement offers.

Pre-placement Grooming Programme

The Training & Placement Cell in association with the Equal Opportunity Cell organizes a series of Pre-placement Grooming Sessions for pre-final semester students every year with an objective to improve the overall personality of the students. The modules for such programmes are prepared taking into account the requirement of the recruiters as well as the need of the time. While doing so, efforts are directed towards the areas where the students are found to be weak.

Industry-Institute Interaction

In an effort to bring the Industry closer to our students, the University at intervals organizes talks and interactive sessions involving executives from the Industry and students and faculty of the University. This, on one hand, facilitates the industry executives to visit and see the University, and, on the other hand, gives the students an opportunity to interact face-to-face with the executives. The faculty/officers of the University also visit industrial houses on various occasions as a part of the industry-academia bonding exercise.