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Instrumental methods of analysis form an indispensable aspect of any R & D program. Tezpur University has a number of departments and centers working on areas which require sophisticated analytical equipment. Sophisticated Analytical Instrumentation Centre (SAIC) at Tezpur University is set up to cater to these requirements. The centre also extends these facilities to other educational institutions and industries within the north east region and even beyond, as many of them do not have the resources to procure and maintain sophisticated analytical instruments.

To provide the best analytical instrument facilities as aid in research and teaching of internal as well as external users.

To provide other curricular activities like demonstration, presentation on the use and application of various spectroscopic and analytical techniques for students, teachers and scientists from different Laboratories, Universities and Industries.

To provide consumables (analytical gases, LN2, chemicals and spare parts) to all central facilities, department requirements as well as personal projects as and when require.